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Wonderful quote from “Bringers of the Dawn”

This quote from the wonderful book “Bringers of the Dawn” sums it all up:  “Just because someone has evolved many fantastic and seemingly magic abilities does not necessarily mean that this person is evolved spiritually.  Learn to discern.  Many do not have the highest of intentions.”

This is so true particularly at this time of history,  In the ancient Vedic Texts, it was predicted that during this time in history, many false Prophets would walk this planet.  They are everywhere and in all fields, not the least in the spiritual movement.  None of the healing modalities really work effectively at all, unless the deep subconscious in the person is addressed, and done by a practitioner who really knows what they are doing, and who has the “heart” for it – the loving intent is just as important as the skill level in any practitioner in any of the spiritual or healing modalities.