The ancient Hindus long ago worked out the following cycles. You will see there is great accuracy.


During the Kali Yuga cycle, humans are the least evolved, spiritually and intellectually. People are generally only able to focus on material things, and live lives of ignorance. During this cycle, most Truth was destroyed, to be replaced by dogma, false philosophies and charlatans. Greed and selfishness through materialism almost destroyed Earth.

Religion was rigid, and intolerant. Few people knew higher spiritual teachings, but could not come into the public arena about the Truth for fear of being persecuted or killed.


Dwapara Yuga, the age we are living in now, is referred to as the age of energy. In this age we are better able to understand and harness energy than in Kali Yuga. In this Dwapara Yuga, technology is booming and all sorts of new philosophies are surfacing although many do not carry the Truth, e.g much of the new age movement has snippets of truth but is in no way truly holistic. Dwapara Yuga people are extremely self-interested, and so their motivation to achieve is usually selfish. And there are higher ways of perceiving the universe than just reason. In Treta Yuga, we learn how to use our intuition.


In Treta Yuga, we understand that everything is interconnected. Most people will have strong powers such as telekinesis, mental telepathy, and humanity will be peace-loving and compassionate, for the most part. It will not necessarily be more technologically advanced than Dwapara Yuga, but certainly more spiritually advanced. Being more spiritually advanced, we may actually leave technology behind and choose to live more simply and naturally.

The biggest difference that separates the lower two yugas, Kali and Dwapara, from the upper two, Treta and Satya, is self-interest. People in Kali and Dwapara Yuga are often greedy and live only to benefit themselves and sometimes their family and friends. In Treta and Satya Yuga however, people understand that we’re all connected and will work for the good of everyone as much as for themselves.


Satya Yuga is currently incomprehensible to us. This is the age when we will be so spiritually advanced, that God himself is part of our everyday experience. We will be able see God in everyone and everything. Our intuition will be completely developed, and will we lives of happiness and natural simplicity. We will understand the nature of the universe, and be able to communicate telepathically to anywhere in the world. People will be able to communicate and live in harmony with each other as well as with the animals and nature

The cycle of the yugas is not currently accepted in Western science, there is plenty of evidence for it that is known to the West, but currently ignored. We need to hold the Satya Yuga cycle as an example of how we should behave: in harmony with nature and the rest of mankind, treating everything as if it were a part of ourselves, because, underneath the surface of life, it is.