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Blogs by Fiona

Weekly Highlights

Extraordinary highlights in the last few weeks have been:

An amazing experience today. In preparation for some clients I was preparing for the session. It was very important to them as they had lost someone close very recently and in a tragic way. Their loved one came through so clearly that they were in no doubt with all the things that were said to them by him. It was so wonderful to see the expression of such relief on the clients faces and as they left they told me they were incredibly relieved and at peace. This is one of the great rewards of my work.

Yet another interesting experience with a client recently! A friend of the clients partner who passed away some years ago in an accident came through to give specific guidance about the clients career and to confirm that the client is on track with studies to go into the medical profession – all this was said word for word! I am so glad that I too still get amazed when all this detail comes through!

Earlier this week a client had some wonderful closure from her departed father who identified himself clearly to her, and then began to apologise for not being a good father. As this was happening he brought the smell of alcohol into the room and the clinking of glasses indicating that he had a drinking problem – all of which she could strongly indentify with. The session was healing for her and rewarding for me to be able to be the conduit for this closure for her.

Another great experience this week! A client came to see me the day after a close friend’s funeral. The friend, now in spirit, was able to confirm that he was at his own funeral by the detail he gave, and had a great chat to the client about his life, all of which she could relate to.

Another client received direction about quite a difficult career decision, so now she has absolute clarity!
A busy but great week!

I love my work and often have some quite incredible experiences with clients. A client last week had just lost a close friend – the wife of his best friend, who had passed away suddenly. She came through in spirit with such clarity – she was very clear visually and I could hear her well – she told me her name and then began to help the client with information so that he could help his friend in the best way possible. He received very strong closure and advice on the best way to help his friend. He was blown away, and I must say, so was I.