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Valuable tips in choosing a good medium

We all have the ability to channel – the difference is in the degree. In order to receive channelled information, you don’t have to be in a trance state. Channelling is just tuning your consciousness to another frequency and allowing the thought-energy to be passed through your consciousness. Some people have fined tuned this ability and can do it with more detail than others, but not all those who called themselves channellers or mediums are gifted. Many people see Mediums who will channel information about you or the planet, but it is crucial to be selective in who you consult. For a Medium to be completely effective with their clients, they do need the skill but very importantly their “lower self” (human self) needs to be, at the very least, relatively free from the need for power, control, and they need to have an ego that is very much “in check” and balanced – otherwise the information they “channel” lacks purity and clarity. Without this, the channeller will not be able to receive accurately the information that entered them at a higher level. A channeller or Medium, if they are operating at the lower levels, can be confusing, misguiding and can have a negative effect. Be selective!!