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Blogs by Fiona

This is the time review your life and take the best of yourself into your future

The next few weeks are very much about taking a little time out of your hectic schedule and going within yourself; ideally relaxing into the beauty and oneness of nature and allowing the Earth Mother to support you.

This is a time where you will probably feel the world and all your responsibilities coming at your more and more, and the energies that are coming down onto the planet right now and over the next few weeks are asking you to do the exact opposite!  Have time out to reflect.

This is an important time to cut negative ties from your past in all life areas. It’s also very much a time to release negative patterns and programming. Our cells and organs carry all our emotions and our physical body is a result of our emotional state.  This is a time where negative patterns are coming up to be dealt with – it is so important to go deep into the unconscious and release the old and the negative.

So this is a time of shedding who and what no longer serve you on your journey on the planet – possessions, people, relationships, beliefs, false perceptions of success.  Just simply let go and trust that your soul is being guided during this time.  Remember to ask Spirit for assistance – there is much evidence that Spirit hear our requests for help.

In about 5 weeks there is one of many rebirths for humanity so use this time to shed all that you no longer need and prepare to take the best of yourself and your life into your future.