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A time of endings to welcome in New Beginnings

The next 2 weeks is particularly about emotional release, closings, endings, and loss. The loss is about what you no longer really need in your life.  The last few months have been about endings of all kinds – and now, over the next 2 weeks, it is time to release deep emotions that are all to do with the past.  It is a time of closure!

Sensitive people will find that they are tapping in to the anxiety that is in the Collective Unconsciousness mind of Humanity.  This is a time to release old subconscious patterns. Try not to be fearful of these emotions and simply allow them to come up for release in order to “clean the slate” because the time is coming to prepare for new beginnings.  New beginnings of love, community, connecting and caring – for all life forms including the Planet herself, all characteristic of the new Aquarian Age  that has just begun.  This is why it is important to release these deep wounds as they belong in the past.

In the last few thousand years humanity have been heavily conditioned with thousands of false beliefs about all aspects of life. More and more people are now beginning to question – and this is a great thing. Humanity has been conditioned into believing all the false realities and lies that we have been living under for all this time – it is now time to wake up to the truth of life and that there is far more to life than the material world and all the false beliefs systems that exist within it – and that most of the population actually believe.

This is also a time of resolving your differences with others – but doing it gently and empathetically.

Even this year alone, many Truths will be revealed.  It is a time for disclosure and exposure, on a personal as well as a global scale.  Anyone who is hiding the Truth, operating unethically is likely to be exposed.  Truth, in all aspects of life and in all ways, is now beginning to be revealed more and more.