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Blogs by Fiona

A time of Change and Transformation

The energies coming down onto Planet Earth in these last 2 weeks of April 2017 are ones of great change and transformation.

It is very much a time for the Ego to be smashed.  It is the Ego in us all that creates all the misery, individually and collectively.  We are in a Healing Crisis and it’s a time to just feel those feelings that want to be felt – try not to resist as this wastes energy and holds up the process of energetic release that we need to be experiencing now.

Try not to distract yourself with all the different forms of technology – social media – the over use of technology is disconnecting humanity from the self and each other.  The over use of technology is also desensitising people – making them less sensitive to not only their own feelings – but everyone elses’ feelings too!  All this crazy mental activity is numbing people out.

This time in history is about healing our division from Spirit – within and without.  Do what makes your heart sing. Do what connects you to the beauty of the planet whether it be meditation, art, music, dance, walking, being in nature.  Our connection is lost when our heads are constantly in computers, mobile phones, etc.  Children are the most at risk because the use of this technology is not allowing their brains to grow and form properly.

This is a time to consider, and ask yourself if your life is a true reflection of what your really value.  Ask yourself what is really important to you, what do you really want to do before you die? See where you are not happy or fulfilled, and make a plan to change that.  It is a time to let go of what you don’t need anymore – anything old and outdated particularly belief systems that are not loving, true, or “real”.  This is time to move toward a fuller and more complete self expression, but to achieve this we need to get quiet on the inside first and be real with ourselves.

It is a very powerful time in history – we all chose to incarnate at this time onto the School of Human Experience that is Planet Earth.  Our foundations are being rattled to the core – and this is so necessary in order to let go of all the false belief systems that we have been indoctrinated with, to let go of all the false information held in the Ego and to come more into our Hearts.  Especially within all the chaos, the place to be is in the Heart.  If you are in your head too much during this time, there is a massive risk of burn out and depression.  Our psyches are being opened up – the energies hitting our Planet are hitting it big time as this old paradigm of our planet fades out and we are coming into a New Dawn of the Age of Aquarius which represents Love, Community, Peace.  We need to focus on getting in touch with our deeper selves, seeing where we have been shut down.

Try not to run away from yourself or distract yourself – time to reconnect with the Real You – the beautiful soul within.