The words “Shaman” and “Shamanism” are bandied around in our modern culture, and so it’s important that people understand what they truly mean, and what the real, and authentic, Shaman is all about. If not, people get conned by the new ager who has done a weekend course in Shamanism, and then runs around telling anyone who will listen that they are a Shaman. They don’t know what they are talking about!!

In ancient times, the position of a Shaman was highly respected and rightly so. Often, although not always, there was a lineage in the family and so the initiations and learning were taught, experienced and mastered over many years. Many Shamans were born into it and it was their Destiny.

The path of a true Shaman is not for the faint hearted. A true Shaman is taken down into the depths of the Underworld – and in our modern times this is about being in the depths of soul wounding often experienced as severe depression and hoplessness and this can last for years in many cases, and without much if any support from family or friends. The TRUE Healer often experiences at least a certain period of their life in this state, then as they master this they come out of the deep dark period into a state of re-birth with their natural empathy even more emphasised – and this combined with their first hand knowledge and experience makes them wonderful, natural healers/counsellors/therapists/Shamans. This process also balances out the ego mind – the least helpful, if not devastating quality of a Shaman/healer/therapist is if they have an over inflated ego and it’s “all about them”! These people will not heal others, even if they have all the training in the world. The reason is that they lack not only empathy, but also first hand experience of the emotional and soul pain required to be a true Shaman or Healer. You can’t learn this from books or a weekend workshop.

As the father of Psychotherapy, Dr Carl Jung, stated: “Only the wounded healer heals his patient. The doctor just wearing a white coat (only having the mental knowledge without the experience) has no effect”.

A true Shaman is pure of heart, most often is an older soul (only about 15% of the world population are older souls), has a great sense of responsibility – so the last thing they are going to do is charge you an absolute fortune for a 2 days workshop and then promise you after that, you are a Shaman.

Shamanism cannot be marketed – not in it’s true and pure sense, and it’s very important that the public understand this. The ancient Hindus stated in the Kali Yuga predictions that humanity need to be aware of all the False Prophets (new agers on the bandwagon offering very expensive workshops with no substance to them) particularly during the years of 2012 – 2036.