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The spiritual way can be tough – and if this has become your path in life, you know that there is no going back to “being asleep!”.

It is tempting to think, when you open yourself to this wonderful new understanding of life, that everything will be easy from then on.  The new age movement has done a lot to lead people to believe that it all becomes easy, but this is only one aspect so they are correct, but only to a degree.  A lot of new age information has a tendency to be “incomplete” and usually only focuses on one aspect – they forget that we live in polarity which encompasses the positive and the negative.

So, on the true spiritual path (as opposed to the new age path) life can get very much harder on some levels, especially during the first periods of awakening.

You will find you will take on board powerful positive energies – tuning into higher levels of wisdom and knowledge and connecting more to your Higher Mind which is all an extremely positive experience.  If you are to stay grounded and not float of in a spiritual haze, then the positive energy needs to be balanced by negative.  You need the interplay of positive and negative energies for evolution. Life will not become free of negative experience. What does happen is that negative experiences will not affect you in the same way as they did in the past.  True peace is not freedom from hassle – true peace is being unaffected by that hassle!!

Life isn’t always easy when you follow your Higher Mind because what you say and do will be increasingly out of step with the rest of society, at least initially anyway.  This is because you are being guided by a different set of principles.

As the planet is re-balanced the scale of negative experiences will begin to decrease anyway.  The more you have the confidence to be true to yourself, the fewer the negative situations there are to affect you as you get closer to your own balance.

During this time of upheaval and change in the world, stay true to you and do your best not to worry or take on board rules and structure that you feel are not contributing toward the Higher Good for humanity.