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Blogs by Fiona

The Age of Aquarius

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius for the next 2000 years, and the current Eclipse is really bringing through all the energies that are needed to give this impetus.

Potentially this will be the highest of evolution in Human Consciousness that Humanity has ever experienced.

This time is about the fullest expression of your potential – depending on how you handle it. It is so crucial not to let your ego take centre stage in all of this.  If you do this you will experience the most opportunity to truly benefit from the higher frequencies. By benefit I don’t mean material benefit, but spiritual benefit – benefit for the Soul!

As these higher frequencies begin to affect us more and more over the next 18 months, people who are particularly kind, sensitive and truly loving will benefit most – but along with this they may very well feel incredibly lost, isolated, intense lonliness and even possibly suicidal – but this is only temporary.  This is because they are not feeling like they fit it at the moment as the frequencies are shifting and changing so rapidly – but think about it – we are now coming out of a 6000 year cycle that has been ruled by “The System” or “The Establishment” purely to serve it’s own ends.  The last 6000 years has not been about Humanity actually evolving!  It has been about the comparatively few who run the world to serve their own ends – it has not been about the benefit of Humanity as a whole!  So we are really coming out of the Dark Ages now and the kind and sensitive humans can no longer identify with the way life is at the moment – because very little of it makes any sense any more and what “The System” demands of us takes up so much of our time and energy and drastically reduces Joy!  So even on a conscious level now, the kind loving and sensitive humans of this world are yearning for the new Age of Aquarius – which is a time of love, beauty, authenticity.

So this is a big message to all you beautiful people out there – hang in there!  We are in times of change – the beauty is coming so don’t worry if you are feeling lost, sad, isolated, not a part of – this will most definitely pass.