I call this form of Healing “The Path to Peace’.  From the age of 15, I made it my mission to find a healing modality that actually worked and sustained at a deep level.  Visiting hundreds of practitioners and experiencing all the different emotional and spiritual modalities I found that many were designed for relaxation only (nothing wrong with that) but what about deep change and transformation?  Was there any modality that could truly heal the wounding of abuse and trauma?  I was searching for a healing modality that had the ability to make great inroads into the deep transformation and release of the suffering in the human being –  and I found that all the cognitive, as well as the “fluffy airy fairy” therapies just didn’t have the capacity to create the deep healing that was needed.  I began to see that almost all modalities work on a cognitive/mental level only, even if they were promoted as being spiritual.  They provided a “feel good” at the time, but nothing “stuck” and no deep transformation was fully explored or achieved. Meditation, for example, is wonderful – but this still does not address the deep subconscious programming that disrupts human beings.

The subconscious healing process I use today with clients I have directly experienced myself many times and was the only form of healing I have found that really worked and created healing in a deep and sustaining way – finally,  a modality that really does transform because it works at such a deep level and way beyond just the mental/cognitive faculty. I have found this process assists in clearing and releasing the causes of many difficulties – mental, emotional and physical.

Powerfully transformative, in these sessions the clients’ subconscious programming is identified and cleared.  This process assists in releasing the negative, false programming and false belief systems within the subconscious mind, addresses the cellular memory, and at level of the DNA – ancestral programming that has been passed down through generations.  It is a gentle process for the client. 

The vast majority of subconscious programming, that all human beings have, has a negative influence on the life of a human being.  The subconscious mind powerfully directs the conscious mind and therefore the actions of the human being.   Which is why addressing it is so important. 

The subconscious creates all unhappiness, fears, repeated negative emotional patterns, blocks, sadness and frustration resulting in feeling lost, confused, depressed, anxious, not good enough, hopeless – the list is endless.  These sessions bring relief, degrees of peace, and wholeness as the programming is addressed and begins to release through the human energy field, and within a short time the programme is gone for good.  The human being holds many subconscious programmes.

There is always an emotional component to any illness or physical health condition.  We are holistic beings, being physical is just one aspect of who we are.  I have often witnessed that when the emotional cause is addressed in the sessions, the body responds accordingly and a higher level of physical wellness comes into being.  Very importantly, as the programs begin to be healed and released, the human beings’ frequency raises in it’s vibration – this is important in our modern world where there is much toxicity from chemicals in air and food, and low vibrational frequencies being emitted from technology.  As a human beings’ frequency raises, which is the flow on effect from releasing subconscious programming, they then become more resilient to anything or anyone that has a lower vibrational frequency.  The low vibrational frequency finds it difficult to infiltrate the higher vibrational frequency.  Ilnesses have low vibrational frequencies.

Many ancient and tribal cultures have always been aware that the deep subconscious mind needs to be addressed and cleared in order to create inner harmony and peace.  Creating inner transformation is the only way to create outer transformation.

The healings work beautifully on animals and I have worked with horses, cats, dogs in this capacity.

As a Medium I visually witness the many Beings of Light who come to assist in the healing process.

Many clients report back and express a far greater ability to move forward in life, lighter mood and reduction in stress, increased synchronicity, more inner peace and a deeper connection to the Self, improved relationships, better health and a greater understanding of Life.

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