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Being Spiritual vs Being Psychic – there is a big difference

When any person has, or seems to have, a degree of spiritual knowledge, it does not necessarily mean they are a spiritual person.  They may have the “talk”, but can they also “walk the walk”?

Someone who is truly spiritual has a natural and often innate understanding of Universal Laws, and uses these Laws wisely in their lives and in their dealings with others.  These natural laws are based on Love, and treating other life forms with love and respect. They tend to have high values and would never intentionally harm another life form – whether physically, financially, emotionally or psychologically.  Spiritual people tend to have the ability to look within themselves and not blame others, (they often blame themselves far too much), they are usually very kind, generous, truly loving and have a great ability to be truly empathetic, highly sensitive and compassionate.  They usually have a degree of soul advancement – really only about 15% of the world population have this.  They have an understanding they are here in this world to evolve, and want to contribute to humanity in a positive way.  One of their main characteristics is that they would never, ever intend to hurt another life form.  They would much rather harm themselves, if they had to choose between themselves and another.  Their egos and their souls are far more in balance than the rest of the population.  They are often criticised or even targetted by very young souls who can be self absorbed, self centred, selfish and even narcissistic.

These are just some of the many characteristics of these beautiful people.

People who have psychic ability are not necessarily spiritual – unless they have reached a level of soul advancement (15% of the population) where they are coming from good intent towards others and they are genuinely kind, loving, compassionate, generous and thoughtful, and genuinely want others to do well in life.   Always remember that there are many far less evolved people in this world who do have psychic gifts – but the question is whether they use these gifts wisely.  The dark ones can also be accurate, and the best way to tell is if you feel empowered, or disempowered in their presence, and after you leave.  You will know, just listen to your intuition.

In knowledge it is crucial to also have Wisdom.  Knowledge without wisdom can be damaging.