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Soul Transformation. Transformation of Humanity

At this time in history we are several months into an entirely new age for humanity.  It is now the Age of Aquarius and it’s all about Transformation – of the Soul, of Humanity.

The structures we have been living under for the last several centuries are unsustainable. The medical system, the education system – all of our “systems” are based on false premises.  I will give an example here of our medical system – which by the way I am not against.  Currently our medical system is based on the Newtonian physics principle “The body is a machine and all it’s parts are separate”.  This is entirely untrue.  It has been proven, through Quantum Physics which is the true Physics, that humans are holistic beings and that the physiology of the human body is all inter-connected and over and above that, the physical body is affected by the emotional body, that is affected by the etheric (invisible) body, and so on.

I state this without emotion, it is just plain fact.  Humanity for centuries have been “hoodwinked” into hundreds of false belief systems – and now, in the Aquarian Age, it is very much a time where false and unsustainable belief systems will crumble, along with institutions and businesses that are based on greed and ego.  I meet many people regularly who are finding that the “traditional” methods of operating in the world are not working for them.  People are questioning now – and that is a great thing!

It’s time to wake up everybody!   And allow Truth to prevail – in all areas of life.

The Aquarian Age is also very time a time about creating and bringing together communities once more.  A sense of community has largely been lost, especially in western societies.  As a child I often used to wonder why people live in separate little boxes, drive around in separate little boxes and why everything was so separate!  The concept of separation is created by the Ego, and it causes countless distress and severe unhappiness in humanity.

It is now a time of Community, of coming together.  Let this time be the end of Self Interest, Self Centredness and Self Absorption – all of which is created by the Ego and is a false and unsustainable way of living.  The catch cry can no longer be “It’s all about me, me me”.  This is one of the main characteristics of the energies that envelope the Aquarian Age.

I meet many clients who are wonderful people with so much to offer, and yet they tell me all the time that most people they know or are “friends” with have little or no time for them, and they are questioning why most seem to no longer make time for the people in their life!

We are here on this planet to CONNECT to each other; to contribute to each other – it’s not all about material survival.   We are here to Connect so come on everyone – open your hearts and love one another.  Spend time together, make time for others.