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Blogs by Fiona

Soul Evolution and the Evolution of Humanity

The Universal energies that are present this week are calling for Humanity to “wake up” to what is really going on!

75% of the World population are very caught up in survival and are completely absorbed in the material world and tend not to question authority or the status quo of society.  This is not a criticism – just a statement of fact.  The 75% are asleep to their true nature, having been heavily programmed by false beliefs in all areas of society, that they believe to be true.  They tend to have an interest in the superficial aspects of life.  They are caught up in a false Consensus reality and believe that what the media tells us is actually true.  The old ways are not sustainable and currently the old paradigm is struggling for survival – believing that separation and the division of cultures, creeds and beliefs is actually the way to go!!   Come on everybody – wake up to the fact that this attitude is unsustainable and always will be.  It is an attitude that is based on fear.

Then you have another 20% of the population who are free thinkers – who realise that not alot about the way the world is run actually makes sense! These are the people who are creating a new way of living that is more sustainable and loving.  Many are following their passion and are helping humanity to wake up.  On a Soul level, they are more evolved than the previous 75% and have a sincere desire to help that same 75% wake up to their true nature and to the Truth of what really goes on in the world.  These 20% of the world population know that much of the way life is structured on Planet Earth is not what it appears to be.  The 20% believe in Unity Consciousness and will create communities and tribes designed to work together and support each other.  No competition, as this is a false premise.

Then you have the 5% of the World Population who are very wise and old Souls – they are the ones who have genuine spiritual knowledge and wonderful huge hearts with enormous compassion.  They tend to be very “other centred” – there is nothing self centred about them.  They are the truly wise ones that are dotted all over the world and who are genuinely there to assist humanity.  They are far more connected to the Truth than anyone else.  Many make their living out of helping people in many different ways – but it is not done from the perspective of ego and greed.  They know that unity, community and brotherhood are the true principles of life.

In Truth we all originate from the Divine Source, and in that sense we are all One.  It is only the ego mind that sees everything and everyone as separate.  This is not Truth!  We are all branches from the same tree so open your hearts to the Greater Truth; embrace it and then you will be able to embrace each other.