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Resolving the past and taking personal responsibility

June 11, 2017

The energies that are descending on our beautiful Mother Earth at present are triggering the unhealed wounds from our pasts!!  All humans have soul wounds – it is the degree of severity that varies.

One of the biggest lessons in being a human being on this planet is to learn through our relationships with others.  We are in relationships of all kinds in order to learn!  So when we come up against another person, either in disagreements or if we feel hurt, intimidated, threatened by another person – instead of blaming (which most people do) understand that this other person is triggering the fear inside of you!!  If you play the blame game, you will never learn.

The idea is that when another triggers you – do not blame, but look within.  This person has triggered something in you that needs to be healed and resolved.  Looking at this dynamic from a higher perspective, the person who has triggered you is actually giving you a gift (however painful).

It is a golden opportunity to look within, and heal those deep soul wounds that are residing in your subconscious.

No more blaming others – instead look within and learn the lessons that contain richness and transformation.