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Reputable Mediums and Clairvoyants

It is wise to be selective in who you, as a client, choose to consult for a Mediumship reading, or a Clairvoyant reading.

Try to make sure you choose a person who not only has good, natural ability in this field, but just as important is choosing a Medium or a Clairvoyant who has good intent toward their clients – one who comes from the heart and sincerely wants to help people while making a living as well.

There is nothing wrong with making money in any profession – but  it is vitally important to do it with the right intent !  By that I mean a Medium or a Clairvoyant needs have their clients best interests at heart, and genuinely wants to make a difference to the lives of their clients.  It is a very rewarding profession if you have that approach.

Would you believe that not all Clairvoyants or Mediums do have their clients best interests at heart!  Even if some Mediums and Clairvoyants have good skills, it does not mean you are going to have an uplifting session with them if they are not particularly evolved within themselves i.e if they are not people with good hearts.  I have heard 3 different horror stories from new clients just in the last 2 weeks of other local Psychics they have gone to see; two different new clients reported that they felt dreadful after their sessions and that they felt very disempowered.  They said that these two different Mediums behaved in a threatening manner.  It is terrible that this happens.