Psychic Mediumship Services

With Gold Coast Psychic Medium, Fiona Goddard

Psychic Mediumship Sessions help to resolve the issue and provide more peace and clarity around your loved ones’ passing. Sessions are conducted either one on one or as group sessions.

Psychic Mediumship Sessions Gold Coast Fiona Goddard

My Psychic Medium sessions can benefit you if you: 

  • Have difficulty coping with grief, or unnecessary guilt, due to the passing of a family member or friend
  • Didn’t get the opportunity to express your love and good byes to a loved one before they passed away
  • Want to know your loved one is happy and at peace
  • Are in a situation where there is unfinished business due to the sudden passing of a loved one
  • Would like to make contact with your loved ones on the other side – for any reason
  • Need closure around the loved one you lost
  • Would like healing around a difficult relationship you experienced with a loved one who has passed away

I have witnessed many people transform throughout their session as guilt and worry simply seem to melt away, with a wonderful sense of relief in many people after the session.

Clients receive closure as your loved one uses many ways to validate who they are.

All human beings go into the Light as part of the death transition.  Much healing is received as we go into the Life Review at death – where we fully witness how our actions (for better or worse) affected all we connected to in life.

When a loved one suicides it can be devastating, and it’s important to know that when they come into a session, they are at peace and content.  I have witnessed this many times.  Loved ones who take their own lives are given just as much love and healing during their death transition as any one else receives. They are not punished for suiciding.

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Psychic Mediumship One on One Sessions

I conduct one on one clairvoyant and psychic mediumship readings via the phone for clients all over Australia.

The process is the same as a face to face reading with the quality of the information being just as clear and accurate. For clients on the Gold Coast, we meet face to face.

There are many occasions where friends and relatives will book consecutive readings on the same day and with enough notice this can be easily accommodated.  All readings are by appointment only. best Psychic Gold Coast Medium

Psychic Mediumship sessions with Fiona Goddard

Psychic Mediumship Group Sessions

I work with entire families to conduct group readings. In these situations, the clients wish to connect with their family members (including pets) who have passed over.

Some of my clients are local families, and others travel to the Gold Coast from interstate. For these sessions, I travel to the family home, or to the hotel that my interstate clients are staying in.

Psychic Mediumship sessions are quite incredible, and amazing things happen. It is a privilege for me to meet the family groups and to be a conduit between them, and their loved ones.

One-on-One Session Time: 1 Hour Session

Session Price: $140 

Group Sessions, please ask for pricing

Fiona Goddard Icon quotes
"We’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Fiona and just want to say a huge thanks for being so helpful with both of our recent readings. It was great to have several of our recently past over relatives come through with some really specific advice and guidance. Some very specific information that we both found extremely helpful. In particular some really valuable guidance with the purchase of a new family home which she described down to the finest detail… which we both found incredible.
We only signed off on the contract this week and she was even able to describe specific details about the current owners, their dog and other things about the home. We really enjoyed getting some clarity with our careers and whats on the horizon there too. Lots of exciting opportunities to look forward to! Fiona was not only ultra professional but she’s also a lovely lady who we both felt extremely comfortable talking to. We’d be the first to suggest her to any of our family & friends."

Casey & Michelle, Northern NSW

Gold Coast Psychic Mediumship Session

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