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Pets in the After Life

I realise that this would sound very far fetched to most people, but just the other day I was conducting a session with a client – and about half way through a parrot appears to me in spirit.  As it turned out, this client confirmed she had a pet parrot who passed away several years ago. Would you believe the parrot apologised to the client for being a bit cranky from time to time!  She confirmed this.  The parrot then proceeded to express his concerns about the client (who lives in a small country town) leaving the back door unlocked all day while she was out at work.  She confirmed this to be true, that yes she does leave the back door unlocked.  The parrot then said that she needs to change this situation and leave the house secure while she is out.  He actually forewarned of a break-in several months down the track if she continued to leave the house unlocked!!  Both the client and I were quite amazed.  It’s not only our human loved ones who have passed over who are looking out for us, but our loving pets as well.