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Blogs by Fiona

Pain and challenges, May 2017

The energy present on our Planet has a heaviness to it – know it won’t last forever.  It is a time of emotional challenges and discord with others.  It is not all bad – it is a time to learn from our relationships, and even enemies if you have any – it is our dealings with others that is bringing about self knowledge during this time.  It is a very karmic time where strife and pain is being brought to the surface.  Try not to lie or cause pain to others as this is a time of reckoning – people who do this will no longer be able to hide.  Try not to be too self absorbed and instead extend your love and care to others.

The energies aligning on the Planet currently are exposing Reality – no more sneaking around and trying to pretend to be something that you are not.

Ideally this is a time for Humanity to come together in Unity.

Instead if running from pain or confrontation, try and embrace it, face it and sort it out – lovingly.  The foundation of peace and harmony is Truth.  Be in your Truth.  Speak your Truth – gently – but speak it.

It is not about having your own way anymore – this is a time to create Win Win situations, to get out of the ego and to be in Love.

Embrace the pain, work through it, transmute it,  and you are much more likely to achieve harmony.

Avoiding the pain, being in denial, blaming everyone else – will leave you in a constant state of disharmony.