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Natural Law and expansion of Consciousness

Humanity is curently going through massive shifts of consciousness, and this is one of the main reasons for such chaos in the world at present.

Energetically there is a funnel of Truth being channelled down on our beautiful Planet and this will have an effect on all of us – many will be questioning their true values and priorities, and not necessarily wanting to follow what the “powers that be” tell us to do.  This time is about expanding our understanding , looking at and encompassing the Higher Truths of life and not just blindly following what all the authoritarian organisations tell us to do.  We need to question what is in line with our true values and what isn’t.  The true justice is in the higher Universal Law.  Many of the truths of our existence have been lost and denied by the authorities – like the Church – over a long time now, but these Higher Truths now need to be recognised.  They include re-incarnation, the understanding of the energies of the planet and it’s people, unconditional love, and the true nature of life.  They include many truths about ourselves – that we are eternal souls that live many lives.  That no-one get really get away with it when they harm another life form in any way.  There is so much more to life than making money and having fun – although these things are nice to have in your life.

All humanity needs to have faith in something greater, bigger and wider – and not buy into the false doctrines of religion or any other authoritarian belief system.  Why do we need a priest to connect us to the Godhead when we all have a direct connection ourselves?

It is time to take responsibility – so many do not want to take responsibility and instead let the government, religion etc tell them what to think.  We instinctively know – we know things – but all our institutions tell us what to think and most people accept this.  We cannot continue in this way.  Do not give your power and responsibility away to others!  Know yourself through what you want, what excites you – this is your spiritual path!  Do not let others tell you who you are or what you think, or what you believe!