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Before I speak or meet with any client, I spend approximately 15 minutes preparing – inviting in loved ones in spirit and listening to and watching the information come forward so that by the time I speak with the client we get straight into the guidance.

I recently did a session for a new client and, in the time I spent preparing for her, I was shown images of her home life and the energy that is currently within her home.  The energy was neither positive or negative, but it was certainly  restless!  I was also shown a re-location was about to happen for this family.  This information was very positive.

As soon as the client and I started speaking I gave her this information.  She then confirmed that the energy within her home is certainly restless, and that in the previous fortnight she and her husband had discussed relocating the family interstate!

The wonderful thing about this session was that the client received complete confirmation that they were indeed on track in life, and that the relocation was very positive!