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Blogs by Fiona

Mastering True Power

These next 2 weeks are a powerful time of transformation with the various energies hitting our Planet right now.  It is very much a time of struggle and conflict too, but herein is the lesson.  Currently our souls are pulling people into our lives who will trigger our “stuff” but it’s all for the higher good as these experiences are by design in order for us to get to know ourselves better!  And this is achieved by bumping up against others in our life, but it is how we deal with it that counts!

True Power is really about managing yourself!  Managing your moods, all aspects of life – without hurting anyone else.  We have been indoctrinated to believe that power is about control over others and this has manifested on Planet Earth for centuries now in all areas of life.  This control aspect is a false illusion and very much part of the old paradigm that humanity is now leaving.  Many are not used to True Power which is based on Love – love for humanity and the Planet.  Doing what Love would do, and not what you want – it’s not all about you anymore!

There is more true power in Union than by ourselves.  In western culture we are conditioned to believe that we have to do and achieve by ourselves – that the buck stops with us!  No more!  In this new age – the Aquarian Age it is now time to come together – to build communities, to unite.  When we work together with others we have a far greater impact.

This time is about LOVE and asking yourself how you can bring more love into your life, into the lives of others, into any situation you find yourself in.  Realise you are a power house of infinite potential!  This is your true self.