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Blogs by Fiona

Love is the Key

Another wonderful truth from “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak.   LOVE is what makes up the Universe.  The present technology on Earth will only develop to a certain extent because mankind does not yet understand that Love is necessary.  Energy can take all forms of creativity, but when one is dealing with greed or hatred or any emotion that is not working toward Light, one is only allowed to go so far.  There is only so much information that is available to that sort of vibration.  Love is the basic building block, so when one has Love, all possibilities exist.  Bringing back the concepts of Light – which are information and Love – is the plan for Planet Earth at this time.  The systems that have been on Earth for eons now are primarily of the Dark, and need to be transformed into Light in order for Planet Earth to not only survive, but to actually thrive.

So true for this time in history.