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Blogs by Fiona

Life is about Love

We are going through interesting times in the world.  Humanitys’ fears around financial security are being challenged and this has been going on for some time.  You probably hear many people say they are too busy, always busy.  The energies that have been hitting the planet, and therefore hitting us have been all about fears around financial security.  For most the focus is on accumulating money, property, possessions and often at the expense of relationships and friendships.  For some it is a good way to avoid intimacy in relationships and friendships.  Now I am not saying for one minute that there is anything wrong with being financially comfortable, but this intense focus on work and making money at all costs is creating a massive imbalance in humanity, and alot of misery for many.

This time is history is about emotional bonding and sensitivity to others as well as the need to be aware if you are having a negative impact on your environment by being overly selfish and self centred.

Humanity is coming out of an old paradigm that fostered selfishness, division, conquering, being overly self sufficient – living like you are an island!  This is now a time for the opposite – for community, love, bonding, coming together, interdependence and love.  It is a time to simplify life.  Life is about Love, connection – People!! Learning to love – to really love.