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Blogs by Fiona

January 2016 – Healing the Shadow self

Humanity is entering an interesting cycle this year.  2016 is a year for deep subconscious wounds to be healed within the consciousness of all people, otherwise this planet won’t last another 100 years in the condition it is currently in.  The reason for all negative behaviour in people is that they carry deep wounds from their past in this life, and/or past lives. These subconscious wounds create such deep unhappiness in people, they are forced to “act out” either in extreme anger, sadness, disrespect, selfishness, arrogance, or they may be completely self absorbed.  Our subconscious drives as much as 92% of a persons thoughts and actions which is why it is crucial that, as this happens, it needs to be acknowledged, dealt with and released.   2016 is all about this – as each individual heals it will positively affect the planet.

With the way all the universal energies will be aligning this year, it will become hard for people to hide their deepest fears and to hide behind false personas.  2016 is a year of purification and an opportunity to break free from the negative patriarchal structures and beliefs that have dominated society for so long now.  It is about breaking free from all the illusion and delusion of this world, and it is only through the clearing of the old internal patterns that we can truly open our hearts and really love.