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It’s all about INTENT!

At any point in the evolution of a human being we tune ourselves in to one of creation’s wavelengths and that becomes our reality. At this moment we are tuned into this dense physical reality and it appears to be everything that is. At the instant we call “physical death” the mind leaves this wavelength and moves to another. What we call “death” is really a rebirth where our consciousness leaves our physical body. It is really as simple as that. So many are terrified of death. Everything on the “wavelength” where our passed over loved ones reside, looks just as “solid” as it does here. If you have lived a good life and have had good intent towards others then your passing into the other world will be pleasant. The people that suffer during their “transition” are those who have had negative intent and action toward other living souls whether they be plant, animal or human. These beings experience tenfold the suffering they caused others. I invite your comments and thoughts!