Highlights of the Week!

A young woman came for a consult earlier in the week. She had lost her husband very suddenly and recently and really wanted to make contact with him.  As is most often the case, he was here in spirit before she arrived.  He gave her very specific evidence that he was with her in spirit by describing her circumstances in great detail, and in the process giving her alot of comfort that he is regularly around  her and helping her with life.  She left very relieved and alot happier that when we started the session!


A day later another woman came for a consult.  She is going through a difficult time in her personal life and quite some time before she arrived, a man in spirit was waiting for her.  He emanated such strong fatherly love that the love energy filled the entire room, and yet I just knew he wasn’t her biological father.   (The loved ones in spirit don’t say much before the client arrives, but I can certainly see and feel them!)  As it turned out, the father figure in spirit was the client’s father-in-law who she was very close to.  He was really able to assist her by giving her direction in an immediate situation in her life where she really needed some assistance!

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  1. Jaz on May 2, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Fiona, Just wanted to thank u on the amazing reading; the opportunity to meet u; as always listening back I made much more sense of the things I couldn’t at the time. Question? What is the consensus allowing someone to listen to my reading from the audio I recorded? – my ex contacted me; I gave some validation from her dad that he loves her but she wants to hear it – would he want that? What has been your advice? I’m also interested to hear more about the healing sessions. Love Jaz

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