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Blogs by Fiona

Healing and Expanding

This is a time to be healing and expanding – a time to fly!  There are some interesting energies around the planet currently and it is also a time for the deep darkness within to be released, and therefore to be let go of.  Much of the population do not have this awareness and this results in confusion.  All the deep patterns that have been within us for a very long time need to be healed during this time on the planet. This also is the only way the Earth Mother will heal.  It explains a lot of crazy behaviour that you witness in others and sometimes in yourself. The irrational fears, the acting out, the craziness on the roads – all manner of things. I am not saying this is acceptable behaviour – just pointing out the origin of it.  It’s best that we take a look at what is really inside us, and to acknowledge it!  It is in the recognition of the darkness within that it can be accepted, healed and released.