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Pyschic Reading

Receive Clarity & Direction

A sense of relief and a lightness of being

Engage in a reading and experience peace of mind, a sense of relief and a lightness of being.

I tune in at depth to the truth of any situation and relationship around you and give detailed information providing the clarity and direction you need regarding, family, relationships, spirituality, health and career.

Using my natural born gifts of acute awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance and the psychic sight enables me to connect with Souls in the higher dimensions.

I witness souls and energy dynamics with my physical eyes as well as spiritual eyes – which is rare, even for most Mediums.

Would you like to connect with the soul of your loved one, human or animal to help reduce the pain of loss within you and know where they are and who they are with?

The information they communicate through me, will let you know that it is truly them we have reached.

My wish for everyone I meet is that their loved ones in Spirit give them a message that brings them the most peace.


The natural born ability of Clairvoyance is seeing past the five physical senses. An in depth look at the truth of situations, current life challenges, current and future relationships and future career opportunities and health.


The focus of a Psychic Medium is to connect you to the Soul of your loved one – (human or animal), assisting you to move past pain. Allowing you to find inner peace, helping to eliminate any guilt you may feel, and can reduce your pain of loss within yourself.


Tarot cards give in depth insight on what you need to know and answer any questions you have about your life and current and future events. You will receive clarity and direction for all situations and for relationships, career, spiritual life and health.

Session Time: 1 Hour Session Session Price: $140
"I’ve had consults with Fiona for the last 10 years across a number of different areas - as a Medium, Clairvoyant, and Astrologer. Her gift is incredible. I originally connected with her after the sudden passing of my mother and Fiona was unbelievable in her attention to detail and accuracy. It was a huge part of my healing process and Fiona gave me much comfort and closure during this time. Her ability to help with understanding the future from relationships to career to family; Fiona has the most amazing gift to shine the light. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to go on a spiritual journey to healing, and to achieve practical and tangible results, through to helping navigate the future, look no further! Fiona is amazing."
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