A Psychic reading is valuable if you feel discontent and unsure how to proceed in your life. Many clients, particularly over the last 2 years, express how they feel lost in life. This is partially due to the era we are experiencing in the world, where everything is happening so quickly and it’s sometimes very difficult to connect with yourself.

In a Psychic reading we will explore what you are really wanting in your life. I tune into the information coming from your Higher Self, as your Higher Self is the best guide of all! This will lead to more fulfilment and contentment within yourself and your life and you will feel like you are on track once more.

I was recommended Fiona by a friend, who had in turn been recommended by a friend; This is the way with gifted and accomplished people – the world beats a path to their door. My session with Fiona began with a literally out-of-this world vital message for my partners best friend, from his father who had recently passed away. Since this auspicious beginning we have had several sessions with Fiona, appreciating the natural, polite and kind way she does what she does. In turn we have recommended Fiona to many friends. All of us receiving deeply helpful information in many areas of life – such has connecting to passed over loved ones, life purpose and uncovering undiscovered passions.

Kate Bell | Sydney February 2019


We have had the pleasure of readings with Fiona who we found to be warm and caring. Her projections for the future and summary of our events in our present lives were accurate and delivered emphatically. We found Fiona to be honest and kind and recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a genuine reading without all the hype.

Pania & Rana, November 2018

Fiona’s ability to tune into life situations at a spiritual and energetic level has helped me make major decisions with clarity and confidence. Fiona has a true gift, vast knowledge, experience and a way with words. She is honest, informative, detailed and compassionate. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready for the truth and wish to see the bigger picture.

Kirra, Gold Coast, April 2018


From the moment I met Fiona I felt an overwhelming comfort and calmness. My reading was more than I ever expected. It crossed into many areas of my life, past and present. Fiona answered many things that brought closure and also gave me direction in new ventures.

I have recommended others to her, and have returned myself for further guidance. Fiona is a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace.

Mel, Gold Coast, November 2017

I’ve had several readings with Fiona over the last few years and find her to be very accurate, knowledgeable and insightful. Her friendly and relaxed demeanour makes you feel immediately at ease. Her caring and thoughtful communication of the messages she is receiving is also delivered in a very honest and non-judgmental way.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona to anyone looking for wise counsel, healing or a visit from a loved one in spirit. I have recommended Fiona to many of my friends and family, who now also visit her regularly and hold her in very high regard.

Nicola, Brisbane, June 2018