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Gold Coast Consciousness & Awareness Group Meditation

It was a wonderful evening on Wednesday night (October 28) as the first of the Meditation gatherings began.  It was a privilege to witness the extraordinary healing occurring for many in the group as they were deep in meditation.  Many Light Beings were present with us, and I witnessed participants legs being healed, and importantly I saw some deep “soul wounds” being released from many there. These soul wounds will reside in the energy field of the person for up to a few weeks as they are being released for good!  Such profound healing occurred, and this is only the beginning!

Bobby Jo wrote a beautiful testimonial “Last night I went to Fiona’s Meditation Group. I was so excited to meet like minded people with an open outlook on life. Not only was the guided Meditation amazing but many of the people I met were also amazing! This morning I jumped out of bed feeling incredible – a massive inner shift happened for me last night and some of the others said the same.  I will definitely be attending again. Thanks Fiona for bringing such beautiful souls together and also for your Meditation. I feel so re-energised!”