Move Beyond Sadness
Anxiety & Trauma 


I aid in resolving deep programming to break negative thought and behavioural patterns.

Over many years of doing Emotional & Soul Healing, I have helped thousands of people resolve difficulty and achieve healthy levels of confidence, clarity and well-being.

In the healing sessions, amazing things do happen!
Clients report they experience better health, a stronger sense of wellbeing and clear mindedness.

  • Would you like to transform your stress & anxiety into a level of joy?
  • Are you repeatedly making choices in your life that are not in your best interests?
  • Would you like to overcome the effects of abuse in your life, whether physical, or emotional?
  • Do you battle with negative emotions regularly?

Together, we will pinpoint some causes of your difficulty, then work through what you need to overcome and release. Allowing you the clarity to reach your goals and achieve harmony within yourself and your valued relationships. Come and experience it for yourself!

Session Time: 90 Minute Session

Session Price: $180

Fiona Goddard Icon quotes

"I can wholeheartedly say – deciding to go and see Fiona is the best thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve become so proud of who I am and everything I’ve become and overcome. I feel better generally and things don’t affect me negatively like they used to. I feel very much at peace. I am and will be forever grateful for Fiona’s continued support and guidance, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, especially who is willing and open!! Thank you so, so much you are truly amazing and gifted!!"

A.G Gold Coast

Emotional & Soul Healing Session