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"Fiona is quite simply amazing. I first went to her after my dog, my parents, and my partner all passed away. She accurately described all of them to me, and helped me find more peace than I thought possible. I have also been to see her for a Healing session during a time of crisis. The healing profoundly changed my health as well as my perspective on life. I would definitely recommend her; she is a warm and generous soul and a gifted medium."

"From the moment I met Fiona I felt an overwhelming comfort and calmness. My reading was more than I ever expected. It crossed into many areas of my life, past and present. Fiona answered many things that brought closure and also gave me direction in new ventures.I have recommended others to her, and have returned myself for further guidance. Fiona is a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace."

Dear Fiona, thank you for today's consult. I felt relaxed, comfortable, and really received alot of benefit. You are certainly very good at your work; you are a natural and I can't wait for the next consult.

Hi Fiona, I just wanted to thank you for today. I felt such a great sense of closure and your words were of such comfort to me. I have passed your number to my mother in the hope she will book in with you. I just really wanted to thank you and say that truly your gifts heal peoples' lives"

"Dear Fiona What are gift you are to this world. It might be too forward but just felt to offer a testimonial if ever it was relevant.... Went to see Fiona for Clairvoyant Counselling Session after ten years of therapy surrounding childhood in a very isolated way mostly I feel others may not relate to me or my life experience...the exact opposite was true with Fiona....within minutes she had reached straight to the heart of my matters and described life as if she 'were me'... if that wasn't enough to completely blow me away...her incredible abilities picked up on the landscape of my present day life, things deep within my core and privy only to my inner self - these secrets Fiona knew. She connected specific things to my immediate needs, addressing questions and worries and laying them to rest in the process...and did she do it artfully or what - like she'd known me forever! My heart burst and her phenomenonal knowledge was gifted so generously...and only relevantly to myself... you could listen to Fiona for days...she gives such depth and context to every facet of her service and guidance...for me the small amount of compensation fell short of the value she gives.. A few hours on the shift feels already more helpful than ten years counselling and psychotherapy combined....priceless is the effect and definitely her Emotional Soul Healing sessions will be next. She is purely accurate, wise beyond measure - an angelic treasure!! Thank you for everything Fiona!"

"Fiona is a warm, caring and generous person, who was able to give me much insight and resolution into the doubts I was experiencing in my life. I found her insights to be surprisingly accurate, which gave me absolute confidence in what she was telling me. So I place alot of value on the messages that she brought to me, and my session with Fiona has helped me enormously with the areas of life I needed guidance in. Thank you once again Fiona"

"Fiona is a truly gifted and legitimate psychic medium. The first time I saw Fiona my mother had been complaining about arthritis in her hand, before I left the house. I did not tell Fiona this and the first person to come through in the session was my grandmother who immediately started to speak about my mothers arthritis and remedies for the pain. Fiona then channeled my grandfather who spoke about "the family secret" which he was supposed to tell my father, but did not get the chance before he died. My grandfather spoke about having a different father to the rest of his 8 siblings. I later found out that this had been confirmed by DNA tests. I also had the beautiful opportunity to communicate with a close friend who passed a few years ago. I was not expecting this. Thank you Fiona. The second time I saw FIona was to have our house cleansed of troublesome spirits, who were restless and had been there for a long time. Fiona did this from her home, and she had no prior knowledge of my home. She identified 2 spirits of children in my home, who had drowned many years ago. Later that day when I arrived home, I found out that the graves of these children, who I had never heard of before, were located very close to my house. Fiona spoke about the history of the area and what was on the property before my home was built, and this information also proved to be true. Fiona cleansed our home of several spirits and our home now has a beautiful energy. I have referred my sister to see Fiona for a Soul Healing session. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone. She is a genuine soul who seeks to help people through her natural psychic gifts and connection to the spirit world."

"I have met many psychics in my life and have found that 90% of them tell you stuff that never comes true. Then I discovered Fiona, who I have seen several times over the last few years. If you want an accurate reading or if life becomes too hard, do yourself a massive favour and go and see Fiona. She does not tell you what you want to hear, or give her opinions. Fiona tells you what your Guides tell her to tell you. She is so much more than an excellent Psychic Medium; my experience has been that she cares and does her best to help and coach people through difficult situations. Fiona gives true hope in a scary world. Specific things that Fiona told me would happen have starting coming true. Unreal! Without her ongoing guidance it would have been much harder and tougher for me to cope. Remember that it is not possible for any psychic medium to tell you when something is going to happen. Just that it will happen. Thank you Fiona. You are a bright light in a dark world."

"I recently had the pleasure of a Career Astrological reading with Fiona. I would highly recommend this to anyone if they are unsure or unhappy in their career or perhaps looking for a career change. I was so impressed with the way in which Fiona interpreted and delivered my reading. She gently navigated me very clearly (in a very easy to understand way) through all the aspects in my natal chart that show the best career I am most suited to. She confirmed and reassured me that I am in the right industry, but I needed to make a change and begin to specialise in a more niche area within my current profession. Fiona was able to identify and explain some current blocks I had in moving forward with my career - this was wonderful to hear and it has enabled me to address this and move through forward for future success. I would also highly recommend school students in their senior years have a career reading. They would then be much clearer as to what they are most suited to do professionally, and therefore help them choose their final year subjects without any stress."

"Dear Fiona, I just want to write and let you know that my reading with you was one of the most beautiful and peace giving experiences of my life. I can’t thank you enough. I found it profoundly life changing. A most amazing experience, thank you!"

"I have had three mediumship sessions with Fiona since my wife passed away last year I had not had a reading done by a true Medium before and was very impressed with how quickly, and without fuss, that Fiona established contact with my loved ones who have passed away. Fiona displays wonderful, natural clairvoyant and psychic mediumship gifts including the ability to look into past lives. Her insights into loved ones – including pets, both living and passed over, are amazingly accurate and detailed – featuring facts that only the family could know. She is very friendly and welcoming and displays a wonderful compassion and wisdom during the sessions I have received a great deal of comfort from these sessions as well as a new perspective on life and the afterlife. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone seeking spiritual guidance in their life, or to hear again from loved ones on the Other Side."

More beautiful testimonials from my clients

I can wholeheartedly say – deciding to go and see Fiona is the best thing I’ve ever done. I have been seeing Fiona for subconscious healing sessions (and readings when I’ve needed) for over 18 months now and it has changed my life in the most amazing ways. I came across Fiona after a quick google search and immediately had a strong positive feeling about her, even though we’d never met. Up until that time I had endured quite a horrific amount of trauma in my life. I had poor health – was chronically ill, suicidally depressed, financially ruined, and my life had been filled with abuse and abusive relationships and major life trauma. From the very moment I went to my first healing I knew it was going to change my life. We worked on my past lives, present life, subconscious programs, life lessons. In addition to the skill Fiona has with assisting and initiating healing, Fiona also has the ability to explain the world, the purpose of our lives here and what is happening to me in a way that made sense for the first time in my life. She has easily been one of the most kind and supportive people in my life. Fiona has the ability to explain things in a way that’s easily understood and delivers information kindly and gently. She never makes you feel bad about yourself. About 12 months after I had solidly committed to weekly healings, my life started to change rapidly. I was in a very volatile situation. It took time but when I did, I lifted out of it rapidly. My career skyrocketed.. Many of the abusive and toxic people around me have disappeared. My health improved vastly. My finances are increasing in ways I could only imagine. I am truly happy and my life has changed in the most amazing ways it’s incredible. I’ve become so proud of who I am and everything I’ve become and overcome. I feel better generally and things don’t affect me negatively like they used to. I feel very much at peace. I am and will be forever grateful for Fiona’s continued support and guidance, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, especially who is willing and open!! Thank you so, so much you are truly amazing and gifted!!

To those who seek conscious awareness, I can highly recommend the services of Fiona Goddard. Her honesty and integrity is manifest in her mediumship. She sees, with clarity, those loved and departed ones beyond the veil. Fiona is highly skilled in supporting others in the understanding of human dualistic programming within the self.

I was recommended Fiona by a friend, who had in turn been recommended by a friend; This is the way with gifted and accomplished people – the world beats a path to their door. My session with Fiona began with a literally out-of-this world vital message for my partners best friend, from his father who had recently passed away. Since this auspicious beginning we have had several sessions with Fiona, appreciating the natural, polite and kind way she does what she does. In turn we have recommended Fiona to many friends. All of us receiving deeply helpful information in many areas of life – such has connecting to passed over loved ones, life purpose and uncovering undiscovered passions.

Today I had the pleasure of a Mediumship reading by Fiona. She connected me to my father who passed away 3 years ago. It was the most amazing experience! Fiona’s accuracy was so strong I was blown away. Today’s reading was a gift – to connect with my father was beyond beautiful. Thank you Fiona.

We have had the pleasure of readings with Fiona who we found to be warm and caring. Her projections for the future and summary of our events in our present lives were accurate and delivered emphatically. We found Fiona to be honest and kind and recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a genuine reading without all the hype.

Hi Fiona, just to say a big thank you for the Mediumship session the other day. You have given massive comfort to our family at this time of great loss and we are all amazed at the accuracy and detail with which you brought our loved ones through. It has made such a difference to all of us and has helped the grieving process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve had several readings with Fiona over the last few years and find her to be very accurate, knowledgeable and insightful. Her friendly and relaxed demeanour makes you feel immediately at ease. Her caring and thoughtful communication of the messages she is receiving is also delivered in a very honest and non-judgmental way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona to anyone looking for wise counsel, healing or a visit from a loved one in spirit. I have recommended Fiona to many of my friends and family, who now also visit her regularly and hold her in very high regard.

Fiona’s ability to tune into life situations at a spiritual and energetic level has helped me make major decisions with clarity and confidence. Fiona has a true gift, vast knowledge, experience and a way with words. She is honest, informative, detailed and compassionate. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready for the truth and wish to see the bigger picture

I have seen Fiona about 4 times now. My consultations with her have been so accurate – my grandmother came through and the things that she knew about my life were uncanny! Fiona has such a beautiful and calm personality which made me feel very comfortable in her presence. She helped me feel ok to move on from a situation in my life that was messing with my mind. The information that came through in the reading made me feel at peace with some big decisions and life changes that were taking place. I highly recommend her services.

From the moment I met Fiona I felt an overwhelming comfort and calmness. My reading was more than I ever expected. It crossed into many areas of my life, past and present. Fiona answered many things that brought closure and also gave me direction in new ventures. I have recommended others to her, and have returned myself for further guidance. Fiona is a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace.

I don’t usually write to owners of the blogs I read, but I wanted to personally thank you. Your blog changed my life. Before reading it there was lots of negativity in my life – depression, suicidal thoughts, and I also didn’t believe in psychics, God or anything supernatural but something about your writing style was so sincere it made me question my beliefs. After a time I visited a local psychic which showed me there is more to life than what the eyes see. I cannot express how grateful I am and how you changed my life. I hope you keep helping people for many years.

I first came to see Fiona in 2016 in need of ‘spiritual healing’ due to extremely poor health and ‘direction’ in relation, to a number of unfolding life events. Before making my initial appointment, I researched a number of different people and read numerous testimonials, on those who proclaim a similar gift. With Fiona what was apparent was her genuineness, her clear interpretation of events, her spiritual healing ability and her great care of people. One testimonial struck me as requiring ‘true foresight’. It involved a lady who had contacted Fiona, desperate for assistance in locating her blind dog missing on their property. Fiona was able to place herself in the surrounds of the property and the lost dog, and accurately predicted where they were to locate the dog; which they did. When I first contacted Fiona to arrange an appointment, I left a message to return my call. On returning my call, I felt a real calmness and serenity from Fiona, it put me at ease and it was no different when I met Fiona in person. Not a minute into our conversation and Fiona said from nowhere, ‘I’m being shown by my spirit guide XXXXX, and he wants me to say to you XXXXX’. I was taken aback by the accuracy of Fiona’s words, for the information conveyed related to a situation occurring in my life at that time. One of the loveliest things Fiona has done since meeting her, has been to assist an elderly spirit residing in our home. He had remained in our home after his passing, waiting for his beloved wife to join him; it had been some 20+ years. When his wife did pass, he then found himself unable to cross over, until Fiona and her spiritual guide assisted him. Honestly, the energy within our home instantly changed after Fiona and her spiritual guide assisted; not only did we notice a more positive energy; others did too. Over time, information and guidance provided by Fiona involving a number of situations and events, has proven to be accurate in context and most helpful.

I came to a point in my life where I needed answers and not from a friend or a counselor; I need something at a deeper level. Then I met Fiona and within minutes at our first session she connected me to a good friend who had passed away. So I was hooked, and all ears. Since then Fiona has helped me understand myself from a deeper perspective and why I feel certain ways. She has helped bring healing into my body and mind, and the guidance from the Spirit World has given me the ability to let go of my fear of death. Fiona is gentle, loving, caring, understanding and has a beautiful nature and has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone looking for greater understanding of life, or guidance for spiritual and mental health, or who wants to connect to loved ones on the “Other Side”.

I have had the pleasure and honour of being able to have healing sessions from Fiona.What an amazing experience. Fiona had given me guidance through our sessions as well as healing with ongoing health issues. Fiona is truly the best healer and Psychic Medium that I have ever experienced. She is kind and comforting and so amazingly accurate. So much of what she advised would happen has happened. Fiona has brought hope and excitement to me, for what is ahead, with extremely accurate details. I’ve recommended her to family and friends and all have come away from the sessions feeling positive and energised. I feel blessed to have these sessions and would certainly recommend Fiona to anyone looking for help and healing. I’ll keep coming back. Thank you Fiona and may you continue your amazing journey.

My first contact with Fiona came via a mediumship reading from her. I had previously experienced a number of medium/psychic professionals over many years, some good and some not so very good. My initial reading with Fiona was very rewarding for me. I was most impressed with what I heard from Fiona during my reading, as a great deal of information that came through was very accurate and informative. I later had the privilege to join Fiona at her development group and have gained an invaluable insight into a most wonderful and satisfying reality. Fiona’s ability to convey her knowledge with sensitivity and accuracy is quite outstanding. I understand Fiona has had this wonderful natural gift since early childhood, her understanding and experience has shown itself time and time again and I have no hesitation in endorsing Fiona’s authenticity and honesty. Thankyou Fiona for all your encouragement and help.

I just wanted to touch base and thank you so much for your time on Thursday evening. It was such an amazing experience! For the first time in almost a year, I slept through the night and woke up without my heart and mind battling each other! I finally felt like I knew what to do and which direction to take. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again one day soon

Fiona was able to perform a clearing of several unwanted spirit entities who were causing disturbance to my 4 year old daughter, The problem was going on for so long we were talking about moving house until I met this amazing lady. The problems all disappeared the following day after Fiona visited. To this day I am so grateful for her work and for freeing my daughter of the fear she was living with. I have never had a problem since. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing a personal reading with her which I found to be very accurate so i am looking forward to seeing my future unfold. Fiona is truly an amazing and gifted woman.

We’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Fiona and just want to say a huge thanks for being so helpful with both of our recent readings. It was great to have several of our recently past over relatives come through with some really specific advice and guidance. Some very specific information that we both found extremely helpful. In particular some really valuable guidance with the purchase of a new family home which she described down to the finest detail… which we both found incredible. We only signed off on the contract this week and she was even able to describe specific details about the current owners, their dog and other things about the home. We really enjoyed getting some clarity with our careers and whats on the horizon there too. Lots of exciting opportunities to look forward to! Fiona was not only ultra professional but she’s also a lovely lady who we both felt extremely comfortable talking to. We’d be the first to suggest her to any of our family & friends.

I was blown away with my first reading with Fiona. She described in detail a family friend who had only just passed away 3 weeks earlier, who had come through in our first session! She picked up on my career and was spot on with my relationships. Fiona also visited my sisters home to remove unwanted entities and energies from the past that were stopping my 2 year old niece from going to bed every night because she was scared. Now she loves to go to bed! I have recommended Fiona to so many friends who have all come out of the readings saying “Wow”. She is an amazing Medium and Clairvoyant. I am so excited about my future!

Thank you so much Fiona for the reassurance and guidance you offer me in my spiritual experiences with you. Fiona had me in tears within minutes as she described past relatives who explained to her who they were and the role they played in my life, an absolutely beautiful experience. I am a returning client and so many others I have encouraged to see Fiona have felt nothing but happiness and experienced the truths. She definitely is an earth angel here to provide guidance to all those who enter her presence.

If our eyes and hearts are open there are sign posts and signals everywhere to help us in life. Sometimes, due to lifes’ hardships, we are not so awake and conscious and require assistance through stages and events on our journey through life. From my experience, in Fiona you will find a person who is commited, caring, and capable of being able to guide you through any phase or lesson in your life. She has a natural and innate gift of bringing people insightful truths, clarity and direction into any situation. She is an Earth Angel – assisting those who are feeling lost, directionless and stuck in life and she helps you to understand and trust your own higher guidance!

I had an amazing reading from Fiona, firstly without the use of Tarot cards she tapped straight into my best friend who had passed on and the messages I received were spot on and so inspirational, I took great comfort in knowing my friend was OK and that through Fiona she was able to offer me some insight of my life at the moment and offer some guidance. Fiona said my friend was dancing and that she was telling me I had to get out there and go dancing, my friend loved dancing to the point that “Dancing Queen” was played at her funeral. On reading the cards, Fiona hit the nail right on the head even telling me what line of work I did and that there was a new contract coming in a different area and with more money. I didn’t tell her that two hours earlier I was told my contract would not be renewed in my current job and to hear there was another contract coming just gave me a sense of relief as I was still in a state of shock from the news. I can’t say enough how great Fiona was and I have recommended her to my friends who have also had excellent readings.

When I first searched for a medium on the internet, Fiona immediately stood out from the crowd. There was something about her that felt genuine and sincere, even though I had never met her before. My first ever reading was with Fiona and it truly changed my life. The information and validation that came through the reading was so very real that I could not fault it; it was very impressive and comforting. I now feel so much lighter and re-energised, as the heavy burden of guilt I had been carrying from my estranged father’s passing has been lifted, and all the questions I had circling in my head were answered in such a way, that it gave me clarity and understanding on a level I could not have achieved through any other avenues. Without Fiona’s talent I would have been very lost in grief due to unfinished business and no closure with a loved one. I cannot recommend Fiona more highly, to the sceptical and to the open minded, she has a very special gift, and one that can help people beyond measure and I truly thank her for sharing that gift with others.

Hi Fiona, just wanted to say thank you. We have experienced the healing energy ever since you came to energetically cleanse our home last week. Ever since your visit there has been amazing clean energy in the house and I can feel everyone else who lives here has benefited from it too It has been really nice. Georgey my cat even sleeps in the laundry now, and he hasn’t slept there in about a year ! Annie hasn’t been looking at random things either, that we couldn’t see. Thank you Fiona! For helping us with your amazing gift. Also thank you to your spirit guide.

Hi Fiona, you are one whose work and life are such as to empower and enrich those who are fortunate enough to connect with you. I hope you are aware of how special you are, and know that yours is a positive contribution that touches the heart and soul of more people than you realise. Thank you for all that you are doing to contribute to humanity. Thank you Fiona! For helping us with your amazing gift. Also thank you to your spirit guide.

I came to visit Fiona after I had a referral from a close friend. It was a blessing to have my reading from Fiona. Her kind words were so honest and reassuring. Through my loved ones in spirit, she described my past so spot on and described my present life which I am yet to see unfold. It was beautiful to feel so close to my loved ones who have passed away, and to know they are with me in life and watching over me. It was an unbelievable experience for me and I will be forever grateful to Fiona and I can’t wait for my next reading.

Dear Fiona, Thank you again for being so kind and loving to me. The reading was so special, and gave me hope for a better world and understanding. To be able to communicate with Mum again is the best Christmas present. You are very special, an angel on earth.

I had a reading with Fiona about a fortnight ago. The morning of the reading I was very scattered, I had no idea what I wanted to gain from seeing Fiona. All I knew was I needed guidance. After my reading I had a sense of calm and the feeling everything was going to be ok. I knew more then ever I was on the right track with my intuition and I had to follow it. Fiona cleansed my parents home from several entities and did this right from her dining room while I was sitting opposite her! It was amazing to hear her accurately describing each room as she was entering it! My parents home has had a much more calmer vibe since she cleansed it and everyone seems to be getting along a lot more harmoniously. My relationship is also making more sense to me now as to why we’re drifting apart too after my reading, and I feel empowered about it not upset as I know now there’s something better for me around the corner. I feel I’ve got a sense of direction again and feel empowered by my reading and know I have a lot to look forward to in my future! I also went along to one of Fiona’s Gold Coast Consciousness and Awareness Group’s Meditation evenings. It was amazing, and it was so nice to know that you are in a room of like minded people and everyone is there to support each other on their journey through life. The group meditation was very powerful and it was great to go around the class afterwards and share all our intense experiences while we were in meditation. I’ll definitely be attending more of these evenings and would recommend to anybody who’s feeling lost and feeling like they’re not quite fitting in with society but are not quite sure why, it’s a very powerful and helpful group.

Last night I went to the first of Fiona’s Meditation Group, in Miami. I was so excited to meet like minded people with an open outlook on life. Not only was the guided meditation amazing; many of the people I met there were also amazing! A massive shift within happened for me last night and some of the others there expressed that too. This morning I jumped out of bed and felt so good! I will definitely be attending the group again. Thanks Fiona for bringing such beautiful souls together, and for such an amazing meditation. I feel incredible and so re-energised!

Hi Fiona, thank you for fitting me in on Saturday. I was in such a bubble when I left your house I almost could not drive home. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for the clarity!!

I found Fiona on the Internet. It was Sunday morning and I was feeling lost and sad and the only thing that would make me feel better was connecting to my husband who had passed over recently. I left a message on Fiona’s phone at 9am and she rang back half an hour later (on a Sunday!). She listened, understood and was very empathetic. And even though she had a full schedule she fitted me in the next day. The sessions with Fiona are getting better every time. She is caring, calm and supportive. The messages she passes on are accurate. Fiona allows the readings to flow and stays completely open to the process. Being able to talk to my husband through Fiona has helped my spiritual growth, my grief and has opened a whole new way of being. Her readings have been an essential part of helping me moving towards a new life in a new area. I recommend Fiona to anyone who needs some guidance, or wants to connect to someone from the other side. I know for me, she will definitely stay part of my life!” Thanks again!

I was going through a time in my life where I needed some direction . I went to see Fiona and felt so welcomed and at ease, She initially talked about my father who had come through to tell me a message…that was very touching and most importantly something I have wanted to hear from him for years. Fiona was amazing I felt she was able to answer all my questions about the direction I should be taking in my life. Fiona cleared a lot confusion in my head about my work, my relationships and I feel very confident that she has indeed given me the guidance I needed. Many thanks to Fiona for the amazing work she does” See you soon and have a good day. x

Hi Fiona, Just wanted to let you know that the reading you provided for me was truly amazing! I was given your name from a friend and while I didn’t have a big concern or question that I wanted answering, your reading gave me much more than I had expected. Your accuracy has been amazing. Since your reading 9 months ago, the things you mentioned have happened. The job you mentioned appeared in March as you had suggested and the health of my father has been stable as you mentioned. Both of which I thought were unlikely! The contact you made with my relatives that had passed away was also astounding. When I discussed with my father, your description of one of the relatives that I couldn’t place, he confirmed it was my great uncle. The sentence you mentioned that he had said was exactly the sentence my father remembers him saying when he was a child! Although I was not sure what I would receive from the reading, the most valuable was the connection with my relatives and also a great sense of comfort about the path I was taking. For me, someone who was unsure about the validity of clairvoyance or mediumship, I can say I am now a believer and I think this is because of your great skill! I have handed your name to many friends who have also been as equally impressed. - Many thanks

Fiona always provides accurate readings about my personal life and my business. I always book an appointment with Fiona when I need some direction or perspective in life and I have never once been disappointed. It blows me away how accurate some of my readings have been. Fiona is also a very caring and kind person and she always makes me feel very comfortable throughout my readings. I highly recommend Fiona – her abilities are truly astonishing.”

Thank you Fiona. You did a group reading for my family and friends. 4 Of the group were unbelievers and still, you managed to convert them. You are truly amazing. I was shocked when I realised the young man in spirit dressed in blue was my godson Trent. You have put harmony into his family again. God bless you and your gift. I would love to have you do another reading soon for me. The group of girls have not stopped talking about the peace you have given them, since we met you.

Dear Fiona A very brief update on my wonderful romantic story brilliantly predicted by you in 2006, where you told me I would cross paths with a man I loved in my youth! We met exactly how you said we would and we were married in England last month and I’m back in Sydney packing up my life and stuff before settling down in England just after Christmas. A wrench to leave my family (and the sunshine and coffees) but I’m sure we’ll have many happy reunions ahead and I’m looking forward to settling down with my new husband. - Love and very best wishes

I have now had around 3 readings with Fiona and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. A reading is something you only have when you are in need and require some clarity and so need someone you can trust but who you also know is really receiving messages from your loved ones who are also looking out for you. The whole experience is very soothing and special- Fiona is a very warm gifted medium who is gently counselling you with the assistance of your loved ones. The details and messages which come through leave you in no doubt that what you are having is a very genuine connection. I have recommended her repeatedly to people who are in need of help and they have all had the same experience. It is very comforting to know that Fiona is at the end of the phone! Thank you for making your gift and services so accessible!”

Thank you so much for my session today! You are such a lovely person, and really spot on with all the detail in my reading. I would definitely like to see you again.

Hi Fiona, my reading was amazing. Thanks heaps, I will definitely be back to see you, and you may have a few of my family members wanting to meet you! Thanks again.”

Fiona has been a truly inspiring psychic, medium, teacher and healer and Fiona has changed my world! I have been over the years to Fiona for a number of readings and healings but recently have been privileged to be able to have Fiona do a healing for me. Within minutes of starting the healing, some amazing things began to happen. I was able to connect with my guides, had grandparents visit and had experiences far beyond any words could describe. I had a sense of movement energetically and incredible visions of colour as well as the experience of being held by a number of hands at the same time whilst Fiona worked on me. It was pretty incredible and very powerful. That night after my healing, it felt as though there was a huge release and weight lifted from my body. There was an immediate sense of release and I felt lighter spiritually and emotionally. It was a warm and comforting feeling and the following day was a heightened sense of transformation and release. I felt as though all my worries and negative thoughts had been released and I felt protected. It was a very powerful and incredible experience. I have been struggling with my health for a number of years been to specialists, hospitals and doctors and no one could help me. Within one session Fiona was able to provide healing and light and offered me direction on how to heal myself and that was a few months ago and I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been thanks to Fiona. If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone who is hesitating in getting a healing with this incredible lady is – JUST GO! She has changed my world as I know she can do yours and bring back passion and quality of living!

Thanks for my session today, Fiona. It’s so nice to be reminded that my grandad is with us. Thank you for all the wisdom. I now have the clarity I was looking for.

Thanks again, Fiona. My partner was blown away when I told him the content of the reading. Especially about how you knew how his mother passed away!! I think he will want a reading very soon, and I am definitely getting another one in the near future. I am just blown away, thanks again.

Hi Fiona, just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you. My call with you today has empowered and reassured me, and you have simply amazed me. Thank you again.

Fiona has done a few readings for myself and my family and we were amazed at her accuracy, there is no doubt in our minds that Fiona contacted several family members who had passed over. Fiona depicted the personality of the family members who had crossed over and it really gave us all a sense of relief after their traumatic passings to know they were okay. She is an incredibly gentle soul who always makes us feel relaxed in her presence. She certainly has a gift

I like to refer to Fiona now as ‘my psychic’ lol. Fiona has given me amazing insight, but the most wonderful gift she has given me is the ability to connect with my grandparents who had passed and whom I was unable to say goodbye to. The names and characteristics were spot on, I was blown away. Fiona has given me the gift of closure and peace. I cannot thank you enough Fiona.

I was so pleased with the mediumship reading I had with Fiona in November 2013. She connected me so well with my husband who has been in spirit for only eight months. He was already there waiting for me to arrive at the reading and Fiona was excellent at receiving and passing on the messages he had for me. She helped to clear a few issues that I was dealing with and worried about how my husband felt, he in fact has been helping me through the whole time and completely understands the situation I was in, this relieved my guilt and helped with my grief because I knew in my heart I had been doing the right thing by myself and my husband and that is all that matters. Fiona was so good she actually caught me off guard, as someone usually so organised, I wish I had complied a small list of questions for my husband because Fiona was quite literally being a messenger between the two of us and allowed us to freely communicate with each other through her, she is extremely gifted. I communicate with my husband in spirit every single day but there is nothing quite like the clear connection that a good psychic medium can give to you from your loved one in spirit. I live several states away and was lucky enough to be able to have a face to face reading with Fiona while I was in QLD but will definitely arrange a phone reading again in the future when the timing feels right. Thank you so much Fiona.

I’ve only recently been introduced to Fiona for a reading and found her to be truly fantastic. I don’t normally opt for the traditional psychic so to speak, I tend to lean more in the direction of a healer. However I found my reading to be extremely accurate and very enlightening and will definitely continue to receive readings from Fiona in the future. I received such a warm, accurate reading that I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Fiona who also thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

I have been seeing Fiona Goddard for over 12 years and I must say it has always been a delightful and professional experience. I came to Fiona looking for some answers to a particular issue that was eating away at me. Fiona was so exact. I found it hard to believe at first, but over time all the things that she said, 100% of them, came true. I visited her some years later and since then have consulted frequently with her, sometimes up to 3 times per year; mainly because of the logical way she views how to get through life’s issues. Fiona has been a solid foundation for me, very similar to a life coach, who has guided me to a most successful business career. My great thanks to Fiona.

I have sought out Fiona at various crossroads in my life over the last 12 years . Her gift is inspirational to the point that random events that you think will never happen do. Such as my son having a bond with a horse (we live on the beaches in Sydney ) it happened ,she told me that their grandfather would buy into a syndicate months after my call with Fiona – it happened, my sister in law would have a cat visit her the next week and the next week a cat appears from nowhere!! Her information is accurate but also uplifting ..Yes you are on the right path , Be careful there ! You loved ones are happy. I have seen several psychics over the years but i return to Fiona as her information is gilded with little clues that what she is saying is correct. Such as the cat and the horse that I mentioned above, but also the big stuff like the life decisions. The messages from my relatives on the other side are so clear that I leave filled up and ready to take on my new path ahead. I am grateful for the good advice and the nurturing she has given me to create my life path.

Thank you so much for the phone reading on 11/10/12, it left me feeling so relaxed and happy to know that my father and other loved ones are with me. I rung my brother in NZ to pass on the messages from my father, and he was equally amazed, and said the words meant a lot to him and he believed what was passed on – especially about his past depression and his daughter Grace – (this coming from a true cynic and non-believer of spirits and mediums..) After the reading, I realised that a lot of the messages that were passed on, I had thought about myself recently, and this has given me the push and inspiration to follow through on interests and jobs that I have been meaning to do, but lacked time or motivation. Such as painting, joining an art class, socialising more, walking the dog, warning my daughter of stranger danger and home maintenance. – How do you know this? I am truly amazed, but so glad that I rung you. You have amazing talents and seem to understand the warmth and personality of my loved ones and my family so well. I always said to myself – if the psychic says lots of flowers at the funeral, and someone with an aversion to flowers – I know it will be real. No one outside my immediate family knows how much Mum hates flowers after Dad’s funeral. Thank you so much, I will contact you again – and if I meet David, or future events fall into place, I will contact you. Most certainly recent and past events have been spot on, and for this. God Bless

Fiona Goddard, what can I say, this wonderful lady has changed my life. I had been researching family history and suddenly came to a very dead end. My Great Grandfather came to Australia from Lebanon in the late 1800’s and between changing his name and personal letters being lost I had NO way of finding more out about him. After watching “Sensing Murder” and seeing how mediums can connect with spirits passed I had a brain wave, I googled mediums and started to read about who was out there. I stopped on Fiona’s page and there was a sense of this lady being the right person for me, reading the testimonials only further cemented my decision. Speaking to Fiona the first time I was so very nervous, but after Fiona explaining how she came to develop her gift and the nature in which she recalled a memory of her neighbour passing I felt very at ease. I had only sent Fiona a picture of my Great Grandfather without any notes or explanation of who he was. I was overwhelmed with the precise answers Fiona gave to me about my Great Grandfather, including the correct letter of his first name, and knowing about his French connection, it was surreal. I also decided to have a personal reading by Fiona on my life, to date Fiona has precisely predicted each and every event, person and business outcome to an exact tee, amazing! I cannot describe the feeling you get when you speak with Fiona. You feel stronger, more at peace and happier after speaking with her. I describe my feeling as being on cloud nine and I cannot stop smiling for days after a reading, yes I’m smiling right now writing this. My words do not do any justice to how beautiful Fiona is, you just have to experience for yourself firsthand. Thank you Fiona.

Fiona is nothing short of amazing. I have had several readings with her and there are things she possibly can’t know about! She is regularly spot on and I enjoy her energy and her readings. You are speaking with a women of a true gift. I’m honoured to have met such an amazing woman.

I have been open-minded about the psychic world for at least 15 years now and have had many dealings with people who work within this profession and yet I hadn’t really dealt with a true ‘professional’ until I met Fiona. I first found Fiona purely by chance on the internet at a time of great emotional need and I was, in truth, a little apprehensive as over the years I have had quite a few differing experiences with people claiming to be mediums or clairvoyants. During these prior readings or more often, afterwards, it became apparent that these individuals weren’t particularly accurate even though many of them were actually very nice people. Some of these prior mediums could certainly describe my deceased loved ones but the messages that came through were not clear or were contradictory from session to session. This misinformation had caused me a great deal of distress at times and I began wondering if I would ever find a true medium – a seemingly very rare gift. From the first moment I spoke with Fiona on the phone to make an appointment I felt her sincerity and warmth and professionalism and within seconds she could describe to me the situation I was calling about with pinpoint accuracy. As an illustration of the extent of her gift, geographical distance has meant that all except one of our many sessions has been over the phone and yet she is ten thousand times more helpful and consistently more accurate than any other medium I have met. My mother and her sister have both passed over and Fiona was able to describe them to me perfectly along with my grandparents and other departed friends and most importantly to pass on messages from them clearly. Most importantly there is a great consistency within what is said by my loved ones from session to session. Fiona is always very respectful in the way in which she addresses my deceased family members and I greatly admire this quality in her. Connecting with these family members again via Fiona is a very joyous time and I can speak freely to them and they communicate back via her gift. The messages Fiona has passed on to me from those on the other side have proven to be exceptionally accurate time and time again. If I had to attempt to briefly summarize the extent of Fiona’s gift as a medium then I would have to say that, although she is very modest and appears to be a little surprised when people tell her how wonderful she is, quite simply she is magnificent! To be very gifted is one thing, but for someone to use a gift constructively and professionally is another. I am always highly impressed by how caring and calm Fiona remains during our sessions, and it would seem that she has also done many hours of reading and work to fine-tune the way in which she uses her gift so that she may impart the greatest benefit to her clients. I am extremely grateful that chance introduced me to Fiona. I personally believe she represents a benchmark of excellence for the psychic profession and I can recommend her whole-heartedly as an extremely gifted and sensible medium to those seeking guidance.

Fiona Goddard is an incredibly gifted medium who has given us the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones who have passed over. Fiona has also used her skills to guide us through troubled times and provide a sense of reassurance. Fiona has a warm and gentle approach and the accuracy of her readings is extraordinary. Fiona has the ability to see, hear, smell and touch another world and create a highly detailed visual journey for her clients. We have referred Fiona to many friends and family and everybody who has contacted her, has been amazed.

I lost my son in 2004 at the age of 27. He found Fiona and her wonderful spirit guides and helped connect her to me. Although I can’t hold a ‘one on one’ conversation with him any more, what I can do is communicate with him, and the rest of my family who have passed, in the most amazing and healing sessions, through Fiona. All the testimonials you’ve read recount personal experiences. From the many recommendations I’ve made to my friends and colleagues, each repeat the same theme – how incredibly accurate and revealing Fiona’s readings are. Don’t talk, just listen. You’ll be transported to another world where we can speak with our loved ones at any time. It makes the loss just so much more bearable. And without Fiona, I don’t know how our family would have known our beloved Ben is always with us.

The first time I contacted Fiona, I was at crossroads in my life; I had suffered a major personal loss and life seemed hopeless. Fiona described my complex circumstances precisely, without me having said a word to her! She saw my late husband clearly, and was accurate in the details of his illness and subsequent passing. She also gave me hope for the future – and most of the positive changes she predicted have since come to pass. I spoke with Fiona again recently; I was about to move interstate and she again picked up on the situation without any prompting from me. Her guidance has helped me enormously; and I will definitely consult with her again – in fact, I can hardly wait to hear the next instalment!

Hi Fiona, Just wanted to drop a quick note. I had my 1st reading with you over the phone just prior to Christmas and was very comforted by our session. The detail you provided was very insightful and at times scarily accurate. I am beginning to see some of what you told me start to unfold in different areas of my life. My words of praise have directed at least 8 others in my life to also make bookings with you these past few months (hope that hasn’t made you too hectic week on week!), and all have also loved your insights. And like me, find you to be truly gifted. People love to know what could be on the horizon… or importantly to be able to make a connection with those they know have passed. Keep sharing your amazing work and guidance, it makes a real difference for people, in a world that can be stressful & challenging at times. I will definately be making another booking with you in the near future.

Being a sworn sceptic, my first session with Fiona was always going to be interesting. An hour later, I could not wait for my 2nd and beyond. That was 2 years ago. Since then, and as my journey through life unfolds, there have been many times when I have reflected on that first reading and have been thankful for Fiona’s insights and foretelling. Even as I write these lines I am fully aware that I am not doing her justice for I’d certainly find it difficult to believe in Fiona’s ability had I not experienced it first hand. Her accuracy still amazes me! It was indeed fortunate that, at her invitation, I took down notes of our first meeting which, over the years, have borne testimony to her gift. Of course, there is also her gentleness and empathy all of which make the entire experience that much more enjoyable and rewarding. I do not hesitate in referring my friends and relatives to Fiona, and I look forward to catching up with her once again … and again. Oh, and I’m no longer a sceptic.

I first met Fiona for the first time almost 8 years ago and during the time have known her she has been a teacher, guide and wonderful inspiration. In my very first reading with Fiona she amazed me at how precise and accurate she was with the information she was receiving and over the years continued to provide me with understanding and comfort. I particularly admire her passion as well as her gentle and loving nature. Fiona has been a friend and mentor and has enriched me spiritually and emotionally and through spiritual work has helped me gain a greater understanding of my purpose. She is someone whom I truly admire and thank for being such a generous and wonderful mentor and friend.

I had my first reading with Fiona in 2004, and several weeks later I had a spiritual healing with her. This was the beginning of a wonderful professional relationship with this very gifted young woman. I continued to have readings every 6 months. In February 2008 a very close friend died suddenly – he was only 50 years young. Bob suffered from bi-polar disorder and in the last few months of his life he was very depressed and had cut himself off from all of his friends. He lived in Tasmania and I lived in Sydney, and we were in contact by phone on a regular basis. I was the only person Bob was in touch with, so I was gutted when he passed away. I felt so guilty and wondered if I could have done more. Six weeks after Bob’s passing, I phoned Fiona and made an appointment. It was the most comforting experience. Fiona was able to connect with Bob, and pass on information from him that was so reassuring. I recommend anyone who has lost a loved one to have a session with Fiona.

I have always been curious about psychics and their ability to read and assist. Fiona is the first psychic I have ever been to and I was extremely impressed. Fiona answered all my questions without me having to actually ask anything at all. She was completely spot on with my queries and helped me by giving solutions. I can’t thank her enough for helping me regain confidence and look at things from a positive perspective. I have shared my experience with my friends and all of them were pretty amazed at Fiona’s psychic abilities.

A true connection with loved ones is always a gift, but connecting with those you’ve loved and lost is simply amazing. Fiona built a beautiful rainbow of communication between me and my loved ones who have passed over. Her accuracy of detail is nothing short of remarkable, from names, ages, birth dates, right down to a spot-on description our puppy which we’d only got the week I had my reading! It can be extremely emotional to reconnect with passed loved ones but Fiona’s genuine warmth, compassion and loving guidance makes this such a safe and wonderful experience. Her readings left me with a heart full of love and knowledge that nobody is ever truly ‘lost’, they remain lovingly with you – and Fiona’s beautiful gift allows you to renew your bond. As well as being a superb medium, Fiona’s accuracy in foresight and prediction is fantastic. Absolutely everything she described came to pass and thanks to her in depth guidance, I was well-equipped to deal with situations as they arose. I can guarantee that anyone who has a reading with Fiona will feel refreshingly empowered and enjoy renewed clarity on situations that can easily gather dust. Fiona’s a truly amazing lady!

Fiona is an excellent medium who is very sensitive with information that comes through. Her accuracy is amazing. She is very understanding, and passionate with her work. The information I received has helped me to understand life, and spiritual life better. I also have deeper clarity about current situations in my life. I highly recommend Fiona to everyone, and will continue to receive readings from her in the future.

Fiona is an excellent medium who is very sensitive with information that comes through. Her accuracy is amazing. She is very understanding, and passionate with her work. The information I received has helped me to understand life, and spiritual life better. I also have deeper clarity about current situations in my life. I highly recommend Fiona to everyone, and will continue to receive readings from her in the future.

I first met Fiona a few years ago when I stumbled across her doing readings purely by chance. I was amazed (and to be truthful, slightly perturbed) at her in-depth knowledge into my life. Ever since then I have not stopped singing her praises and have advised many friends to see her. Not one of us could ever have a bad word to say about her. She has told me with exact certainty things that have happened and would happen. She has advised me in bad situations. The one time I chose to ignore her advice … what do you know? She was spot on. I would have saved myself a lot of pain if I had simply listened. She is not only an amazing psychic, but a loving, loyal and truly wonderful human being. I never believed this of a person more. When my boyfriend went missing Fiona was there to tell me he was alive and well, why he was gone, and when he would return. Just having that knowledge made life easier. Her amazing gift saved me during my darkest hour. She also gave me the knowledge of how to find him. I chose not to do this as he had reason to stay away. When he returned and told me where he had been, Fiona’s words would have led me straight to him. She is a truly gifted psychic. Never have I met anyone else with abilities rivalling Fiona’s. More than that, she is a truly beautiful person with a sweet, generous and loving spirit. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You will never know how grateful I am.

I was at a crossroad in my life when I met Fiona for the first time recently. I was seeking direction and to a degree confirmation that a (hard) decision I was considering was indeed the right one. Within moments Fiona was communicating with my Grandfather was passed long before I was born. I knew it was him from the way she described him, however she referred to him as Charlie (not his birth name). It wasn’t till I spoke to my mother the following day that I discovered that everyone called my Grandfather Charlie! That was only the tip of the iceberg – Fiona was able to tell me about my current situation in such accurate and specific detail. Her guidance helped me make the difficult decision I was considering, and within days I took action and although it is still early days, I am extremely confident that I have made the right choice. Fiona’s ability absolutely stunned me; not only was she able to answer all my questions, she opened my eyes to the power and wonder of the Spirit, for which I am eternally grateful. I am very much looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Fiona Goddard is an amazing psychic. Her psychic powers are insightful, perceptive and accurate. Her insight into the future is very rare and prophetic. She is great at providing guidance in times of doubt and uncertainty. Fiona is definitely one of the most talented psychics I have seen. Fiona, Thank you for your help in the past. You really have been wonderful and amazingly accurate, including naming my Grandmother!!

Hi FionaI came to see you in October last year and during the reading you told me that I would be pregnant any day. I did not believe you as I had been trying to conceive a child for 5 years – even IVF had failed!! Anyway, I’m 12 weeks pregnant and we would have conceived a few days after seeing you! I am so happy! You also told me that I was going to have an 11 pound boy, which I am not so happy about – ouch! But I thought you might like the feedback. Happy new year and thanks. I have given your name out to a few people, but since my story has been told around the traps, more people are asking for your details! Nothing like word of mouth.

When I visited Fiona she gave me a lot of details that were accurate about my present job. However, I was actually there to see if somehow a contact could be found to my 20-year old son who had taken his own life a year ago. I did not say anything to her about him but waited for her to bring up the contact which she did of her own accord shortly after our conversation had begun.Since his death, I could feel his presence on many occasions and the session with Fiona confirmed that to be the case and gave me the most comfort I had found after a year of continual professional counselling. She told me that he was now alright and that he had resolved the issues that had given him so much pain. After the suicide of a loved one, one is left with so many unanswered questions and terrible feelings of guilt. Fiona told me that my son had forgiven me for any decisions that I had made in my life that had affected his own profoundly, and that he loved me very much. He told me to honour him by honouring myself. When I left I felt so much stronger than I had felt since it happened and positive in the knowledge that love transcends even death itself. I see life differently now and have lost so much of my own fear. I am very grateful to Fiona for sharing her wonderful gift with me. I want to see her again sometime in the near future to communicate with my son again.

Like most of us, I am interested in the likely future outcome of particular situations but I also have a strong interest in matters of the spirit, the lessons I need to learn and my true purpose in life.Fiona’s readings have provided me with important insights into all of these areas and I believe that I have been able to focus more appropriately on my true purpose and desires because of her channellings and interpretations. She is a very powerful medium with beautiful intent and great insight into messages from spirit. As for the outcome of particular situations, when my cat was lost and unwell, Fiona was able to direct me to the location where she was locked up and also accurately identified a stomach complaint that she had which needed immediate attention.

I have been to see Fiona quite a few times now, and each time, it never ceases to amaze me how much she can pick up in terms of the most prevalent things going on in my life at the time. She is incredible. She can just pick up things exactly as they are, describing people and situations to a ‘T’.She has predicted some major changes in my life which were not only unexpected, but I thought, quite unlikely to eventuate. True to form though, they did in fact happen, just as she described. I have been to many psychics in my life, and I can honestly say that it is rare to meet someone who is so strongly connected and has such an honest and genuine insight.

Thanks Fiona for a lovely reading. I found the experience wonderfully calming and it gave me the direction I needed to pursue the goals I had been procrastinating about for some time! I found your insights revealing and poignant and I have found my outlook is now much clearer. Thank you.

I’ve seen a couple of Psychics and Clairvoyants in the past but was amazed by Fiona’s ability to tap into my life. I’ve never been to a medium but my friend suggested we go. I didn’t offer Fiona any information about myself but her accuracy about people and events in my life were uncanny. She was even able to name people. I have since recommended Fiona to a couple of my friends who were equally as impressed.