Within your own personal astrological chart
are all the answers you need in your life.
NO GUESS WORK, it is all there in black and white.

I share with you all the detail in your personal natal chart, enabling you to create your best, most optimal life.  This includes your Life Purpose, Career Purpose, and how best to achieve and sustain optimal Health, loving Relationships, understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how to optimise all these areas.


Until modern psychology came to us in the 1960’s, Astrologers WERE the Therapists for centuries.
This ancient art holds everything you need. It is the only modality that can access all details about you.  Your personal chart contains everything you need to know enabling you to create the most suitable Career, harmonious Relationships, optimal Health and Emotional Well Being.

How would you like detailed clarity on the most suited and prosperous Career for you, harmony in Relationships and solutions to Health issues?

Your own personal astrology chart guides you back on the right track!

How would you like to find out your major life challenges, understand them, and then overcome them?

You will have a deeper understanding of your true nature, your gifts, and any challenges you have brought into this life so that you can heal and overcome them.

Along the way, I clearly explain what suits you best in Career, Relationships and Health.

As well as what motivates you, and why.

Over many years of astrology readings, I’ve helped thousands of people to create powerful, positive change in major life areas such as Career, Relationships and Health.

You will receive a clear road map about what is ahead and what you need to do to enhance your life.

By calling me, you are assured you’re dealing with someone who has genuine empathy with clients and who has a lifetime of experience.

I can’t wait to help you heal your Heart and your Life!

Session Time: 1 Hour Session
Session Price: $250
(Price includes 1.5 hours of astrological preparation before the consult)

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"I’ve had consults with Fiona for the last 10 years across a number of different areas - as a Medium, Clairvoyant, and Astrologer. Her gift is incredible. I originally connected with her after the sudden passing of my mother and Fiona was unbelievable in her attention to detail and accuracy. It was a huge part of my healing process and Fiona gave me much comfort and closure during this time. Her ability to help with understanding the future from relationships to career to family; Fiona has the most amazing gift to shine the light. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to go on a spiritual journey to healing, and to achieve practical and tangible results, through to helping navigate the future, look no further! Fiona is amazing." 

Lynda, Phone Reading

Astrology Reading

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"I am lucky enough to be a long time regular client of Fiona's.   She has helped me in so many ways over the years and has some very special gifts. Her support has been invaluable and she has lovingly guided me through life's many challenges.  Whether this has been through astrology, counselling, readings or healings, all have been a wonderful help. Her calm, wise and centred guidance has always helped and allowed me to connect with my own heart and soul.  Her ability to zero in on the real issue is remarkable. She has always been able to read me so accurately and has always helped guide me back onto the path that is right for me at any given time. I am forever grateful for all her support and look forward to many more wonderful sessions into the future". 

Kirsty (Sydney) Phone Reading

Astrology Reading

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"I recently had the pleasure of a Career Astrological reading with Fiona. I would highly recommend this to anyone if they are unsure or unhappy in their career or perhaps looking for a career change. I was so impressed with the way in which Fiona interpreted and delivered my reading. She gently navigated me very clearly (in a very easy to understand way) through all the aspects in my natal chart that show the best career I am most suited to. She confirmed and reassured me that I am in the right industry, but I needed to make a change and begin to specialise in a more niche area within my current profession. Fiona was able to identify and explain some current blocks I had in moving forward with my career - this was wonderful to hear and it has enabled me to address this and move through forward for future success. I would also highly recommend school students in their senior years have a career reading. They would then be much clearer as to what they are most suited to do professionally, and therefore help them choose their final year subjects without any stress."

Jay, Phone Reading

Astrology Reading

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"Fiona, your insight, wisdom and knowledge has saved my life.  Until we started our sessions, I was down and depressed and unsure of my direction, even though I knew I had an important mission in life and I always wanted somehow contribute to other people.  You helped me to understand and appreciate my value; I was of the opinion that I was worthless. Through your clarity and abilities I am now clear on exactly where I am heading.  You are one of the most important people to me, and every moment of our sessions over the last 12 months have been so precious. With love and thanks."

Damon, Melbourne 2021

Astrology Reading (Phone Consult)