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Blogs by Fiona

Wonderful change in 2016

I wish you all a wonderful 2016!  This is the year where all will be challenged to “walk their talk”; to be the real authentic you and show the world the special gifts you have. This year is also about developing communities with more focus on the good of the group/community, and less focus on “it’s all about me”. This is the time to develop and grow humanitarian projects, or businesses that will help others evolve and grow. We will be more heart centred this year, and less self centred. How great!  2016 is about contribution and the joining together of like minds to create harmony on the planet and serving the higher good, and moving away from more selfish motivations. Enjoy the ride into The New Dawn as we enter the Aquarian Age which is all about co-operation, collaboration, community, the good of humanity – just to name a few.  In moving away from the Piscean Age there will be disturbance and chaos – the Piscean Age won’t “go down without a fight’!!  It is a wonderful time to be here, and to witness and participate in the many sustainable changes that Gaia and all those who inhabit her will experience and there will be much more healing to come this year.