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Blogs by Fiona

The energies that are currently present in January 2017

Divine Spiritual Energies are around us.   It is so important to be centred and in your core.  Regular meditation really helps achieve this. Taking a yoga class, regularly listening to a Meditation CD or just sitting quietly and doing your best to still your mind.  Being in nature is wonderful – nature will rejuvenate you.  Don’t go go go – there is a risk of burn out.

With the energies surrounding our planet at this time it is likely you will feel low in energy. Try not to worry about this – it is a sign to retreat a little and go within –  to connect to WHO YOU REALLY ARE!!  A soul having a human experience.

Rejuvenate now, as February 2017 will be full on for most.

The world is changing massively as we are now coming out of a time where, for 6000 years, capitalism has all but destroyed the environment, and negatively affected the human mind.  This time in history is about finding balance, and it starts with finding the balance within.  JUST BE.  Open your heart to the Divine healing energies that have always been here and do your best to stay present – even within the madness of the world.  Don’t worry if you feel you don’t fit it to this crazy world!  Hold your Light with an open and loving heart.