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Emotional & soul healing with fiona goddard psychic gold coast

Emotional & Soul Healing can benefit you if you:

  • Experience anxiety, grief, or fear
  • Feel you are stuck in a loop of repeating negative patterns, and unable to move forward
  • Feel your self esteem is low
  • Continually feel lost, confused and not good enough
  • Would like to create more inner peace and contentment, especially amongst the current chaos
  • Are seeking more peace and harmony within yourself, and within your life
  • Would like decrease your stress levels
  • Want to improve your relationships
  • Would like to reach your goals with more ease

Emotional & Soul Healing Sessions can bring transformation, as well as degrees of peace, as the causes of your difficulties are addressed at a deep subconscious level. The subconscious mind in anyone is negatively programmed, and works against you, not for you. It prevents you from having clear sight into who you really are, and it prevents you from seeing the Truth of all things.

It drives your thoughts, behaviours and choices and can keep you stuck in a loop of frustration and low mood, repeating the same choices and behaviours that do not serve you.

It dosen’t matter how much work you do on your conscious mind; nothing much will shift or change unless the deep subconscious programming is addressed and the trauma and negativity are released at that level.

Emotional & Soul Healing Sessions work to reduce and neutralise the fear and trauma of the subconscious conditioning and belief systems within you, and will greatly reduce the electrical “charge” of the negative emotions that the deep subconscious holds onto and keeps repeating, until you have finally had enough!

The greatest cause of depression and anxiety comes from fear and is driven by the ego/subconsious mind, not the Soul.  This fear is held in the deep subconscious in the human being, and it is the subconscious that creates our beliefs, many of which are false and not based on Truth.

From the moment we are born, we are open to being “programmed” by family, and particularly societial systems that serve themselves and do not truly serve humanity in a kind and fair way.  So you can say that most people are heavily “programmed” which is the major cause of all unhappiness and discontent.

We are led to believe, from an early age, that we have to conform to what everyone else expects we should be and do.  For example, our current education system teaches us to be in our left brain (reason and logic) and rarely in our right brain (love, compassion, creativity, sovereignty) so that by the time we are young adults we have lost connection to our intuition, our heart, our true creative self.  This system also teaches us not to question anything, but to accept what we are told as truth and fact.

Emotional & Soul Healing Sessions with Fiona Goddard

Emotional & Soul Healing sessions are about addressing the programming and belief systems within the self that keep you stuck and unhappy, and then naturally beginning to come back into a higher level of balance and harmony within the self, and consequently in more harmony with others.

I have experienced, as a client, most emotional and spiritual modalities and found that the majority are designed for relaxation only (nothing wrong with that).

I was more interested in assisting to create deep change and transformation for my clients and eventually found a modality that can really go deeply to address the root causes of the wounding of abuse and trauma and therefore helps to release deep suffering in the human being.

Most modalities are not “complete” or deep enough to achieve the level of healing that is necessary and important.  Deep healing needs to be beyond the mental/cognitive faculty.  Finally and thank goodness that now even some in the medical profession are beginning to prove that the cause many illnesses and conditions first begin in the emotional part of the brain.

Issues, programs and belief systems are gently addressed in these sessions, clearing and releasing within the mind, soul memory, cellular and DNA memory and within the ancestral line.

A series of 6 sessions, after your first session, are available to support you and help you achieve your outcomes

Session Time: 90 Minute Session

Session Price: $180

Fiona Goddard Icon quotes
"I first came to see Fiona in 2016 in need of ‘spiritual healing’ due to extremely poor health and ‘direction’ in relation, to a number of unfolding life events. Before making my initial appointment, I researched a number of different people and read numerous testimonials, on those who proclaim a similar gift. With Fiona what was apparent was her genuineness, her clear interpretation of events, her spiritual healing ability and her great care of people. One testimonial struck me as requiring ‘true foresight’. It involved a lady who had contacted Fiona, desperate for assistance in locating her blind dog missing on their property. Fiona was able to place herself in the surrounds of the property and the lost dog, and accurately predicted where they were to locate the dog; which they did. When I first contacted Fiona to arrange an appointment, I left a message to return my call. On returning my call, I felt a real calmness and serenity from Fiona, it put me at ease and it was no different when I met Fiona in person. Not a minute into our conversation and Fiona said from nowhere, ‘I’m being shown by my spirit guide XXXXX, and he wants me to say to you XXXXX’. I was taken aback by the accuracy of Fiona’s words, for the information conveyed related to a situation occurring in my life at that time. One of the loveliest things Fiona has done since meeting her, has been to assist an elderly spirit residing in our home. He had remained in our home after his passing, waiting for his beloved wife to join him; it had been some 20+ years. When his wife did pass, he then found himself unable to cross over, until Fiona and her spiritual guide assisted him. Honestly, the energy within our home instantly changed after Fiona and her spiritual guide assisted; not only did we notice a more positive energy; others did too. Over time, information and guidance provided by Fiona involving a number of situations and events, has proven to be accurate in context and most helpful."

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