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Blogs by Fiona


The next month is a super powerful time.  There is a Divine Intelligence that is far wiser than our limited ego mind. All humanity has the spark of the Divine Source within them.  The ego mind rules the majority of humanity, but the ego is a false illusion.  The energies coming onto our planet in the next month will give the ego a good smash!  The ego needs it!  It is a big lesson for all humanity to come into their heart space and get out of the head.  Ego is massive, especially in western culture where we are basically taught to live in our head.  Many of you know this is often not a good place to be.

This is a time of Divine Truth, and to be in the Heart.  The next month will see many endings, completions, and closure in many peoples’ lives.  The current energies present over the next month are putting alot of pressure on the subconscious mind which will force a release of memories, belief systems and old negative subconscious programs.  It is a time to release all that junk that has been creating misery in your life.  It is best to not resist but stay in the flow, and let it go! Let go of that job, business, relationship, friendship that no longer serves you.  Letting go of the old will raise your vibration.

Have faith in the divine order of your life as a soul, let go of the old in order to re-emerge, to renew, to re-energise and be ready to re-create a new way of being, a new job, a new relationship, a new business – this time around within your integrity and your true value system,  and honour your divine truth by doing what you love