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Blogs by Fiona

Dancing the Dance of the Soul

This is a super exciting and also a super scary time as we venture into the unknown, but herein lies the lesson for humanity over the next couple of weeks:  We don’t have to know everything, we don’t have to have everything.

We are so much more than just blood and bones – we are Spirit, we are Soul!  Try not to fight the flow of life, instead go with the flow.

The energies hitting our beautiful Planet at the moment are trying to wake humanity out of it’s slumber – that we are so much more than what our eyes can see.  Our spirit is free, our soul is free.  When you know this, when you really really know this – you will understand there is nothing to fear on this journey we call life. All fear comes from the limited human mind.  Trust your inner voice and your connection to the Divine.  You are a Divine Being.  That is reality.