Clairvoyant Sessions

With Fiona Goddard: Clairvoyant Sessions on the Gold Coast

Clairvoyant readings provide you with assistance in enhancing all aspects of your life

Clairvoyant sessions gold coast fiona goddard

Clairvoyant Sessions can benefit you if you:

  • Would like to look into the map of your Life Journey to discover the opportunities and people that are destined for you
  • Are faced with choices and struggling to make decisions
  • Wish to discover and connect to a stronger purpose for yourself
  • Are interested in understanding and exploring dynamics that exist in your close relationships
  • Seem to be at a crossroads and are looking for a new direction in any or all major life areas

The primary focus of Clairvoyant Sessions is to explore the opportunities ahead for you, in all life areas particularly career, health and relationships. It highlights the significant opportunities and people that are ahead for you in this life.

We can explore approximate timelines in these standard clairvoyant sessions, and you will attain knowledge of your future that your Higher Self put in place before your birth into this current life.

Clairvoyant Sessions contain powerful guidance to give you more clarity and understanding.

Session Time: 1 Hour Session

Session Price: $140

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"From the moment I met Fiona I felt an overwhelming comfort and calmness. My reading was more than I ever expected. It crossed into many areas of my life, past and present. Fiona answered many things that brought closure and also gave me direction in new ventures.I have recommended others to her, and have returned myself for further guidance. Fiona is a beautiful soul who made me feel at peace."

Mel, Gold Coast

Clairvoyant Session

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"I found Fiona on the Internet. It was Sunday morning and I was feeling lost and sad and the only thing that would make me feel better was connecting to my husband who had passed over recently. I left a message on Fiona’s phone at 9am and she rang back half an hour later (on a Sunday!). She listened, understood and was very empathetic. And even though she had a full schedule she fitted me in the next day.

The sessions with Fiona are getting better every time. She is caring, calm and supportive. The messages she passes on are accurate. Fiona allows the readings to flow and stays completely open to the process. Being able to talk to my husband through Fiona has helped my spiritual growth, my grief and has opened a whole new way of being. Her readings have been an essential part of helping me moving towards a new life in a new area. I recommend Fiona to anyone who needs some guidance, or wants to connect to someone from the other side. I know for me, she will definitely stay part of my life! Thanks again!"

Esther, Gold Coast

Clairvoyant Session

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