Clairvoyant Counselling Sessions

With Fiona Goddard: Clairvoyant Counselling and  Healing on the Gold Coast

My clairvoyant readings combined with holistic counselling provides you with assistance in enhancing all aspects of your life as well as supporting you in creating a LIFE YOU LOVE!

Clairvoyant Counselling Services Gold Coast Fiona Goddard

In digging deeper into your current situation, this session is deeper and more thorough than your average Clairvoyant or Psychic reading.  All the influences, both practical and energetic, are thoroughly examined in order to provide a higher degree of resolution and resolve to any situation you may find yourself in

Clairvoyant Counselling Sessions can benefit you if you:

  • Are struggling to resolve any work, family or relationship issue
  • Find yourself dealing with any difficulty in life
  • Are at a crossroads in your life
  • Feel lost, confused and unsure within life
  • Are torn between your heart, and your head
  • Or feel you are lacking confidence, or are uncertain about positive forward direction

Your life journey is the focus of the session, and importantly helping to find resolution with any difficulties, challenges and pressing issues.  Looking at the highest and best outcome for all involved in any given situation.  We also look at the opportunities ahead to help you gain clarity on the best choices that will bring more fulfillment for you.

The guidance given in these sessions is from a higher perspective, and yet still very practical.  In these sessions, a deeper understanding is explored and gained.

After your first session, a package of 6 sessions is available to support you and help you achieve your outcomes

Session Time: 1 Hour Session

Session Price: $140

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"I can wholeheartedly say – deciding to go and see Fiona is the best thing I’ve ever done. I have been seeing Fiona for subconscious healing sessions (and readings when I’ve needed) for over 18 months now and it has changed my life in the most amazing ways. I came across Fiona after a quick google search and immediately had a strong positive feeling about her, even though we’d never met. Up until that time I had endured quite a horrific amount of trauma in my life. I had poor health – was chronically ill, suicidally depressed, financially ruined, and my life had been filled with abuse and abusive relationships and major life trauma.

From the very moment I went to my first healing I knew it was going to change my life. We worked on my past lives, present life, subconscious programs, life lessons. In addition to the skill Fiona has with assisting and initiating healing, Fiona also has the ability to explain the world, the purpose of our lives here and what is happening to me in a way that made sense for the first time in my life. She has easily been one of the most kind and supportive people in my life. Fiona has the ability to explain things in a way that’s easily understood and delivers information kindly and gently. She never makes you feel bad about yourself. About 12 months after I had solidly committed to weekly healings, my life started to change rapidly. I was in a very volatile situation. It took time but when I did, I lifted out of it rapidly.

My career skyrocketed.. Many of the abusive and toxic people around me have disappeared. My health improved vastly. My finances are increasing in ways I could only imagine. I am truly happy and my life has changed in the most amazing ways it’s incredible. I’ve become so proud of who I am and everything I’ve become and overcome. I feel better generally and things don’t affect me negatively like they used to. I feel very much at peace. I am and will be forever grateful for Fiona’s continued support and guidance, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, especially who is willing and open!! Thank you so, so much you are truly amazing and gifted!!"

A.G Gold Coast

Clairvoyant Counselling Session

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"I came to a point in my life where I needed answers and not from a friend or a counselor; I need something at a deeper level. Then I met Fiona and within minutes at our first session she connected me to a good friend who had passed away. So I was hooked, and all ears. Since then Fiona has helped me understand myself from a deeper perspective and why I feel certain ways.
She has helped bring healing into my body and mind, and the guidance from the Spirit World has given me the ability to let go of my fear of death. Fiona is gentle, loving, caring, understanding and has a beautiful nature and has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone looking for greater understanding of life, or guidance for spiritual and mental health, or who wants to connect to loved ones on the “Other Side”.


Clairvoyant Counselling Session

Clairvoyant counselling Gold Coast

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