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Channellers and Mediums

The purest and most brilliant Channellers/Mediums are few and far between – at this time in history.  To reach that stage you need to have re-connected very strongly with your Higher Self, or the Intuitive Mind, and through that to the Infinite Mind. The number of those who have achieved this is a very small percentage when you contrast the number of people around today claiming to be Channellers.  To have reconnected to such an extent means that the information can come through the lower self (by now at one with the whole self) with a purity and clarity that is not compromised by the ego and the emotions.

So, unless the Channeller has reached the point where they are connected strongly with their Higher Mind, the words they speak are likely to be a less than perfect replica of the original thought or message that entered them at a higher level.  Channellers can tend to be almost worshipped sometimes and seen as “all knowing” , when this is often not the case at all!!

Setting up as a Channeller can also be used as a means of manipulation. The information they speak is what they wish to happen and not necessarily what the other level is sending. They can create chaos in your life if you are not careful.

Do not underestimate the misguided, imbalanced aspects of Consciousness to destroy the awakening and transformation of humanity and planet earth, by using as vehicles the less experienced and less gifted Channellers to pass on complete rubbish!  Channellers deal with many different frequencies on many different levels and not all these frequencies are of Light and Wisdom.  You need to ask what level of consciousness that the Medium or Channeller you wish to consult, are tuning into.  Many tune into the lower levels of consciousness.

Be very discerning who you choose to channel your loved ones, guides, and any information. Make sure you ask them what frequencies they are tuning into.  If they don’t know, or are irritated by you asking this question, then you have your answer!!