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Changing Times – going from the Piscean Age, to the Aquarius Age

Sending out love and the very best wishes to you all for a safe and happy festive season. Thank you to many clients for your support throughout the year and may 2016 be a wonderful time.

Astrologically many things are changing (for the better!) as the paradigm shift gets closer, making the transition from the Piscean Age, to the Aquarius Age. Characteristics of the Aquarius Age are: collaboration, co-operation, community, less greed, fear and control as these are the characteristics of the Piscean Age.  Look forward to a whole lot more love. People will be less self centred and more caring and in tune with others.

Spend time in nature or by the ocean and focus beautiful thoughts toward Mother Nature, as she needs healing. If you have been thinking of ways to contribute to humanity, or have wanted to build a business or community that aids transformation, then this is the time to begin! Let’s bring more joy to Planet Earth!!