Just want to share with you all an amazing and very amusing experience I had recently in a client session. The client’s father (in spirit) came into the room very soon after our session began. The next thing you know, a cockatoo (in spirit) comes flying into the room and I witness the client’s father […]

An incredible Healing

Profound things can happen in a healing session! I was privileged to do a Healing on a client last week who, due to his incredible sensitivity, had absorbed some quite dark energy from a work associate who he has to deal with regularly.  He mentioned he had been feeling tired, unwell and low in mood.  […]

Highlights of the Week!

A young woman came for a consult earlier in the week. She had lost her husband very suddenly and recently and really wanted to make contact with him.  As is most often the case, he was here in spirit before she arrived.  He gave her very specific evidence that he was with her in spirit […]

Reading on Feb 4, 2015

A lovely man on holiday from Europe came to see me the other day. He had several family members who had passed away. Many of them were there in the session and he received a lot of closure as well as the release of some unnecessary guilt he had been carrying due to not being […]

Reading on Feb 6, 2015

Fantastic, and almost unbelievable, things happen in client sessions sometimes. Today I was shown some of the people in the client’s life – it was as if their astral bodies were projected into the room and I could see them, as well as read their characters so clearly. This has been happening a lot in […]