A time of endings to welcome in New Beginnings

The next 2 weeks is particularly about emotional release, closings, endings, and loss. The loss is about what you no longer really need in your life.  The last few months have been about endings of all kinds – and now, over the next 2 weeks, it is time to release deep emotions that are all […]


The answer is no.  Psychic ability and Spiritual evolvement are two entirely different things.  There are some advanced souls who do have a high level of Psychic ability and they are the ones the public should consult. People who have no idea about true spirituality can also be quite gifted Psychics – in the sense […]

Healing and Expanding

This is a time to be healing and expanding – a time to fly!  There are some interesting energies around the planet currently and it is also a time for the deep darkness within to be released, and therefore to be let go of.  Much of the population do not have this awareness and this […]

January 2016 – Healing the Shadow self

Humanity is entering an interesting cycle this year.  2016 is a year for deep subconscious wounds to be healed within the consciousness of all people, otherwise this planet won’t last another 100 years in the condition it is currently in.  The reason for all negative behaviour in people is that they carry deep wounds from their […]

Wonderful change in 2016

I wish you all a wonderful 2016!  This is the year where all will be challenged to “walk their talk”; to be the real authentic you and show the world the special gifts you have. This year is also about developing communities with more focus on the good of the group/community, and less focus on “it’s […]