It is all about INTENT

At any point in the evolution of a human being we tune ourselves in to one of creation’s wavelengths and that becomes our reality. At this moment we are tuned into this dense physical reality and it appears to be everything that is. At the instant we call “physical death” the mind leaves this wavelength […]

Changing Times – going from the Piscean Age, to the Aquarius Age

Sending out love and the very best wishes to you all for a safe and happy festive season. Thank you to many clients for your support throughout the year and may 2016 be a wonderful time. Astrologically many things are changing (for the better!) as the paradigm shift gets closer, making the transition from the […]


I would love to share with you a fabulous quote I came across today.  It is a direct quote by Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy, in his book “The Wounded Healer of the Soul”.  “The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected. Only the wounded physician heals. But when […]