Reading on Feb 4, 2015

A lovely man on holiday from Europe came to see me the other day. He had several family members who had passed away. Many of them were there in the session and he received a lot of closure as well as the release of some unnecessary guilt he had been carrying due to not being […]

Reading on Feb 6, 2015

Fantastic, and almost unbelievable, things happen in client sessions sometimes. Today I was shown some of the people in the client’s life – it was as if their astral bodies were projected into the room and I could see them, as well as read their characters so clearly. This has been happening a lot in […]

Weekly Highlights

Extraordinary highlights in the last few weeks have been: An amazing experience today. In preparation for some clients I was preparing for the session. It was very important to them as they had lost someone close very recently and in a tragic way. Their loved one came through so clearly that they were in no […]