Career Astrology Readings

With Fiona Goddard: Clairvoyant Counsellor Healer and Astrologer on the Gold Coast

These readings are wonderfully insightful.  It can be ascertained through your own astrological natal chart what the most fulfilling and rewarding industry and role is for you!

Clairvoyant Counselling Services Gold Coast Fiona Goddard

Have your new career be your passion. Career Counselling can help you if you:

  • Are unsure of the career you are most suited to
  • Want to discover your vocational passion
  • Feel unhappy in your current job
  • Want your work to be something you love
  • Need your work to hold meaning for you
  • Have a desire to re-invent your work life
  • Or want to start your own business

Discover the most fulfilling career for yourself that you are most passionate about

All human beings are born into this life with their own individual destiny, talents and gifts.  Your astrology chart can uncover what these are – and so assisting in you making wise and rewarding choices for yourself.

An astrological career reading assists in gaining clarity and direction as well as a big sense of relief for you!  An astrology chart is a blueprint of your Soul at the time of birth, and so really helps to uncover the nature of the industry and role where you will be at your happiest.  It is a wonderful tool for discovering your true direction in this life.

Follow up sessions are available providing coaching and support as you begin your journey into work that you love!

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