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The Psychic Couch

There have been technical delays with the release of “The Psychic Couch” on the internet. We are due to launch online in September 2015. Watch

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Channellers and Mediums

The purest and most brilliant Channellers/Mediums are few and far between – at this time in history.  To reach that stage you need to have

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Intent is very important. Karma is created by the intent behind the action, and not the action itself. If we do something with good intent

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I am fortunate to be a part of an amazing new series “The Psychic Couch” about to be released on the internet from June 22,

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Amazing experiences

This week has been a particularly busy, and wonderful week with many clients connecting with their loved ones who have crossed over. Many of the

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Internet TV Program

The internet television program I have been involved in is due for release in Australia by July 2015! There is lots of great information in

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Media Program

The media program I have been involved with should be released in Australia before July 2015, and in the USA and Canada by October, 2015.

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A beautiful Cat

I had the most amazing experience during a consult with a regular client this week!  She has just had her first baby, and her own

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