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The answer is no.  Psychic ability and Spiritual evolvement are two entirely different things.  There are some advanced souls who do have a high level of Psychic ability and they are the ones the public should consult.

People who have no idea about true spirituality can also be quite gifted Psychics – in the sense that they are accurate in their information. The darker realms can also be accurate in their future predictions, but it doesn’t mean they know much or even care about genuine spiritual evolvement.  You can tell who these people are providing you listen to your intuition, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that if a Psychic is accurate that they are also quite spiritually advanced.  It is not the case.  How the information is delivered is also important and again trust your gut instinct.  If you walk away from a session with a Psychic and you feel out of sorts or “icky” then chances are you have just come across someone whose integrity is out of place, as many who do this work come from a huge ego and I have heard many say that all they want is to become famous.  I have heard very few say that they really want to assist people and to make the world a happier place, as their primary goal for doing this work.

The qualities of an advanced soul, who also possess Psychic ability, is that you feel genuinely comfortable in their presence, they are far more “other centred” than self centred, and they are usually kind, warm people whose main goal is to help others while earning a living.  Let your intuition guide you here!